An easy way to avoid stress is to plan out these questions and others you may have well in advance.
According to recent research into stressful life experiences, almost 1 in 4 people rate moving house as the most stressful event.
Amazingly 41% of second-time home buyers believed the second move was even more stressful than the first. Hair loss is a common symptom associated with stress and incredibly 10% of movers actually suffer from it. CK Interstate Furniture Removals aim to make your moving process as easy and stress free as possible.
Research has shown that the anxiety of moving house is one of the most stressful events that can occur throughout your life on a par with divorce and bereavement.

Not only is there the initial stress of viewing houses and having to show strangers around, but there is the inevitable tension and anxiety of the move itself. Moving house is a chance for a fresh start in a new environment and so getting rid of  items that you have been un-used or stored in the attic, reinforces this change. Whether it’s an interstate move or a local move, the stress is always the same leading up to the big day. Other highly rated stressful events recorded in the research included having a baby, starting a new job, getting married and meeting the in-laws. The pressures associated with moving house also tend to make people feel two years older and suffer from age-related symptoms. Once you know you are going to be moving house we advise an initial clear out of possessions.

If you are moving soon we can provide you with a free removalist quote and free insurance quote if required.
This has a dual purpose: firstly, it makes the idea of actually moving out of your house a reality and secondly, it will make packing up your remaining possessions much easier.

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