At some point or another, we all compare ourselves to others.When we’re not comparing ourselves to our best friend, we’re comparing ourselves to secondary friends, associates, and even friend of friends of friends.
And when we’re not doing that, we’re being really silly by comparing ourselves and our lives with major celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie. We’re not saying that people being unhappy should make you feel much better about yourself, but it’s totally pointless to compare your life to others when you don’t know everything about their lives.
Another tip on how to stop comparing yourself to others is to understand that Facebook tells you very little. If you really just cannot deal with seeing photos of your happy friends and their amazing lives thrust in your face every five minutes, it’s time to take a sabbatical from social media and focus on other aspects of your lives. Next tip on how to stop comparing yourself to others is to get rid of all your idols, because idolising anyone, be it celebrities, athletes, artists and so on is very bad for your soul.

So our next tip on how to stop comparing yourself to others is to forget about what you don’t have and be grateful for what you do have.
Another good advice on how to stop comparing yourself to others is to to shift focus to your strengths. Sharing in other people’s joy is another great tip on how to stop comparing yourself to others. When we compare ourselves to others, we become our own worst enemies; we focus on our weaknesses and forget all about our strengths. Being happy for others and sharing in their joy really is a fantastic way to make you feel more positive about yourself. Rather than cradling your friend’s new baby and thinking, “WHY ISN’T THIS MY BABY” you should be happy for them, and remind yourself about the good things in your life.

If you must listen to anyone, buy yourself a self-help book and discover ways in which you can achieve your goals and dreams. If you’ve bagged yourself a new job, tell your friends you’re all going out tonight to celebrate!

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