Whenever people hear about diet plans, they think about unpleasant activities which limit the intake of food. Whole grains are healthy because they retain the bran, germ and all the nutrients and fiber of the grain. Carrots will help your eyesight and the healthier you eat, you'll shed pounds and keep your body in shape. Regular consumption of alcohol is not healthy, because it can affect the balance of minerals and vitamins in your body. There are certain healthy foods which you can eat in larger portions, like broccoli or spinach.

However, when it comes to less healthy foods with a large amount of calories, you should limit yourself. Other healthy foods which provide healthy fats are avocados, most fatty fish and vegetable oils. However, if you choose to substitute your regular oil with olive oil or canola oil you will be making a healthy change. These healthy oils can reduce heart disease and have other healthy benefits for your metabolism and skin. The solution is cutting down on saturated fats, from red meat or processed meat and replacing them with healthy foods, like white meat or fish.

According to the American Heart Association, in order to remain healthy, you need to limit the intake of cholesterol to maximum 300 mg per day.

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