It all starts with having a great idea, an idea that has probably been in your mind for a long time. 2) Start as a side business – Some business owners are lucky enough that during the early days of the business they can keep the day job while working on the business during the evenings and weekends. 6) Business Grants – Business grants are available for specific industries, sectors and reasons. 8) Fundraising and crowdfunding – has become popular solution, allowing startups to reach out to a large number of potential investors online. Getting finance for your new business can be a challenge but there are a number of avenues to explore and so with dedication and focus you could soon be on your way to launching your own small business. Use natural, organic fertilizers for these herbs that you will be feeding your family later on. Finding the right finance to get your small business off the ground is a major issue for any potential start-up but there are a number of sources you can tap into. You have the product sorted out, how you are going to deliver your service, where you are going to set up your office and how you are going to market your new business. Getting support from a Bank for a new business is tough, as many entrepreneurs will testify.

Grant providers will usually only give a portion of your requirement, so they cannot be used to totally finance a startup. These are people, usually retired or successful business people in their own right, who are looking for opportunities to invest in new businesses. If you have harbored ambitions to run your business for some time, then many of your family and friends are already likely to know about your idea. If you are in the early planning stages start drip feeding your ideas to key people whom you think are likely to support you. Whether in the form of cash in a savings account or shares and unit trusts, this is a good start to your fund raising exercise. In exchange for an investment they will typically look for a shareholding in the business and some hands-on involvement.
Tell them your ideas, share your ambitions and goals and on a regular basis update them with your progress. If you have planned things right you will know when you are starting up, so a few months before you pack your job in, apply for a loan based on your salary. They are ideal because all you may have to do is pay the minimum amount but card debt, as most people have found out, can be a long term burden.

Make sure that you can realistically keep both balls in the air at the same time otherwise you will end up doing justice to neither your job nor your new business. If meeting the monthly repayments is dependent on what the business can generate then a slow start could cause cash problems. But, if you need a cash lump sum to kick start the business and you know you can pay it off within a few months, then it’s an alternative source of finance worth considering, if somewhat unorthodox!
However, you will have to accept an element of loss of control but that needs to be balanced against your desire for funding.
There is no grace period; you will be expected to pay back immediately, so your business will have to start earning very quickly. They have to accept that what used to be ‘family time’ may have to take a back seat until you decide to concentrate on the business full time.
You will have to write a business plan to present to the Bank which outlines your idea and the business.

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