They worked with healing and forgiveness energies and forces, and interceded for the healing and freeing of the land, for the souls, for the shocking inhumanity to all concerned. From the concentration camps exploration and healing, some went on to Israel and Palestine - for intercession and healing through developing a direct awareness and understanding of what was going on in this very intense, injured, and abused piece of real estate and tragic humanity.
As the growth, change and evolving of their consciousness - their awareness, their understanding - and as their Spiritual wisdom expanded and evolved over the years, so did OIM - ever becoming more. This was a learning, healing, travel program, based upon seminars and events designed and created by Rannette.

Metaphysical and Spiritual, Personal and Business Coaching for individuals and companies who are interested and able to integrate the complexities of the New Spirituality into their lives and their businesses. Journey Supplies gives seminars in accelerated personal and spiritual growth methods that Rannette has developed and designed over the years.
Both Rannette and Dafydd have been seekers, pioneers, mapmakers, and adventurers their entire lives, actively and intensively learning, studying, healing, and evolving their consciousness. Personal and Business Coaching -- Proven Reality Creation Techniques and Methods, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Other Lives, Spiritual Ancestry, Relationship, Family Relationships, Team Building, the New Energies, Opening and Expanding Creativity, Resonance and Presence Magic, Future Self and Visioning, Longevity and healing arts.

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