The SoulArts Process of self-healing breakthrough and spiritual awakening, using every day real life, was built and developed by Ronda over the course of her own significant training, depth study, struggles, healings, and self-realizations. What sets these personalized and private retreat processes apart, is that they are uniquely and fully ALL ABOUT YOU. All SoulArts personalized retreat options (solo, couple, small group) are guided depth immersion experiential training retreats, where you are given the opportunity to see and to directly live and experience a whole new way of living - one that naturally arises from an artful inner attentiveness.

You will return home not only rejuvenated and inspired by your own creative path in life, but with the tools needed to turn every day life circumstances into your soulful self mastery and spiritual realization.
NOTE: You are ready to Deposit and Register after having made your Self-Introduction Request For Retreat and we have selected your dates together! The few dates offered fill quickly and this is one awesome self-healing creativity retreat and mind body spirit shaman healing arts training process!

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