The longer an individual practices meditation, the greater the likelihood that his or her goals and efforts will shift toward personal and spiritual growth. A year ago, I had heard about meditation but did not give that much attention to meditation but now after reading your post, I came to know that it is quite amazing because we want to get rid of thee noise of the world and this is the best source of being in feeling of that freshness. Although tendencies towards sense-objects [vishaya vasanas], which have been recurring down the ages, rise in countless numbers like the waves of the ocean, they will all perish as meditation on one’s nature becomes more and more intense.

Meet The Creator Jody Walker is the creator of Simply Being Spiritual & Free Spirit Revolution Club, He is a Teacher, Mentor, Author, Writer, freedom fighter, Modern Day Mystic . Borysenko has observed that many are most interested in meditation as a way of becoming more attuned to the spiritual dimension of life. While there are other ways to do this, meditation can effectively be used as a focused reminder to help keep your vibration high when you are busy thinking about work, kids, and dinner.

He lives to help people to find their true Self, Live spiritually, with passion and purpose, doing work that really matters!

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