Place your other hand just above the crystal, so that it is cupped between the energy of your two hands. A Soul Mate will not share every view, feel as you do about everything in the Universe, or be your clone. A Soul Mate is not some strange sort of parasitic or unhealthy dependency where you simply can’t survive without them in your life, or where they love you all up and suck you dry, before discarding you to move onto someone fresh. A Soul Mate relationship won’t be categorised by fear, relentless pain, uncertainty, a feeling of being trapped, or a sense of impending doom.
Soul Mate relationships endure – they allow us to suffer the pain, and find a way, together, to move forward.

With a Soul Mate we feel safe, and that safety gives us courage to wander far from home, creating and exploring and enacting our dreams. The relationship, like yourself, will always be a work in progress, ever changing, ever evolving, at times difficult, sometimes even strained to the point where you momentarily  find it hard to recognise yourself or each other. A Soul Mate will spilt your heart open and you won’t even mind the pain because of all the love and joy you find there. This five minute meditation will help you to consciously connect into the energy of your Soul Mate.
No matter in which part of the world they are they will meet somewhere, some place and somehow because they are destined to meet.

We put each other and the children first and that's what makes our life so special," Michelle said. They help us know laughter, and tears, they help us find the strength in ourselves and in each other.

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