To do any of these exercises, stand up straight and use a counter or sturdy chair for support. Heart meditation is easy to learn and you can attain deep, satisfying meditations.Heart meditation also gives you a new relationship with your heart. This practice begins your meditation journey for real and it's the beginning of healing your whole heart.
This meditation practice will connect you to your heart, and you will feel like you are re-connecting with an old friend.The meditations you learn will show you how to go deep into your heart in a way that is creative, loving, and healing.
Each step in the Heart Rhythm Meditation practice is identified by a physical or emotional experience that acts as a milestone.

It's the shortest and most to-the-point version of the meditation but it contains the essence of the practice.
I always liked using a chair and it's easier to sit in a chair than it is to sit on the floor most of the time. This is a state of magnetic stillness.When this meditation posture is attained, it has the immediate effect of producing calm and peacefulness, tolerance and accommodation of others. You may also feel more sympathetic and helpful by following these meditation instructions.Quiet the body.
Somewhere you can use regularly for your practice.Following these simple meditation instructions, try and create a special meditation place by setting up a small table where you can place items of importance to you.

Follow these meditation instructions and feel the stillness come over you from the posture.You can also use a pillow or a bench for this practice. So you see what your mind does when you sit very still and how does your body react to sitting still.Also look at how you feel and what your emotions do when you are so still. Just keep following these simple meditation instructions.You can sit like this for quite a while and just practice observing yourself without any other interventions.

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