You have to want to do it, want to challenge yourself and challenge your reasons for believing little of yourself, AND you have to be able to recognise that you have a particular self esteem issue in the first place.
Some of your issues of non-forgiveness may involve incidents that happened years ago and the matrix established by going over and over these situations in your mind can be very powerful. As you practice forgiving others and yourself, this will automatically connect you more strongly with your Higher Self, and you will find yourself experiencing more happiness and peace. Even after their medical debts were retired, money was still an issue for a family of immigrants with three kids – two with special needs.

Knowing and understanding the Law of Karma (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect) is very helpful in letting go. Russ is a spiritual writer who has a particular interest in helping people reunite with their Higher Self. Many times as a result of the non-forgiveness of self, you subconsciously end up sabotaging things in your life as punishment. First of all, you need to understand that there is a part of the self that is responsible for these types of acts.

The non-resolution of the issue continues to link you to the situation and karmically binds you to any others involved until the situation is resolved – in this lifetime or another.
It is known as the "enemy within" and has been called many names throughout the centuries - the "dweller on the threshold" (Dweller), the anti-self, the Not Self, etc.

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