I made this self-assessment after seeing a similar version on the Center for Financial Social Work’s site.
For clients, this is a great empowerment exercise which can help them to identify what their needs are and help them to think about their strengths. While I am not the creator of the original model of self-assessment, I ask that you not alter my logo or remove it from the PDFs or images I put on this site – I would like other social workers to know about the great resources I put on my site. Disclosure Policy and EthicsIn keeping with a pledge for integrity, I feel ethically bound to be open and honest when I write about a product or service.

PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS ON ANGERarticles, resources and tips regarding health and fitness to keep our bodies fit and in shape. But because I like pretty colors, tasteful fonts, and have a lust for good design [which I tried to implement], I made my own version to share with you, dear colleagues and readers. I also think that these tools serve as a great recruiting tool for acceptance of mental health to non-social workers.
For social work students and social work practitioners, this is a great intervention to acknowledge the good in you and to reassess your own growth, value, and mindset at this present moment.

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