Good ventilation is essential in moisture heavy rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, to reduce the build up of damp which can lead to the growth of mould, but can often lead to cold drafts unless the right product is specified.
Get your windows cleaned every four-six weeks to maximise the amount of light coming into the home. For more information on a greener approach to home improvement, visit Oliver Heath for a free 15 minute consultation in The Advice Centre. Build It + Home Improvement UK - September 2015 » Download PDF magazines - Magazines Commumity!
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This means that less energy is needed to heat the home which could save households ?55 per year (Energy Saving Trust).
Here at Build It & Home Improvement magazine we aim to give you as much help as possible – helping to make your dream home happen! This device will also prevent draughts coming back down the chimney into the house saving you money on heating your home.
Build It & Home Improvement magazine is also an essential guide for anyone who needs a little inspiration to build a new home or get stuck into a home improvement or conversion project.

Fitting one will make an immediate and noticeable improvement to the warmth of that room and can easily be removed by deflating the balloon if you want to use the fireplace.

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