Working in the harsh Australian heat increases the risk of dehydration and heat stress for Australian workers. If a drink bottle is not feasible or refill facilities are not accessible, a hydration backpack is great for hands free hydration. Where possible schedule harder work and physically demanding tasks for cooler parts of the day. When you’re sweating for long hours out in the melting sun, you need to ensure your sunscreen is water resistant, long lasting and covers you with the highest possible levels of UV protection.
Wearing a sun hat or accessorising your hard hat with a hard hat brim is a cheap as chips way to keep the sun off your face and neck and a definite must for working in the Aussie sun. Erb and Young Insurance is here to help you as the owner of a Florida Home to make informed decisions when it comes to anything that can threaten the well-being of you, your family and your assets — like protecting your family from fire by providing home fire safety tips. Erb and Young Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency that works with multiple of insurance carriers to bring you personalized solutions and service for your personal and business insurance needs. This booklet includes 10 essential safety tips and can be used as an on-the-job learning aid.

For overnight orders or if you have special shipping requirements, please contact us directly. Most at risk are those working outdoors performing physically intensive labour and indoor workers who are exposed to high temperatures with poor ventilation. Cool water is absorbed faster, which is important to keep you hydrated when working in the heat.
ProBloc SPF 50+ sunscreen meets all of these requirements is designed specifically for Australian industrial workers.
Originally developed for professional athletes, cooling vests are becoming increasing popular among industrial workers to help regulate their core temperate when performing physically demanding work in the heat. Submerge in cold water for 5-10 mins then place around your wrist or neck for 25-30 mins of cooling, refreshment. We hope that you found these home fire safety tips helpful. Please, with this information in mind, contact your Erb and Young Insurance Agent to discuss your Homeowners and Commercial Insurance policies. They work out of two offices in the Orlando area to best serve Business Owners and Home Owners of Central Florida.

Choose a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink (low GI) for sustained energy release, or sugar free electrolyte drink for carb-free electrolyte replenishment. Ensure adequate work-rest cycles are in place, check the forecast at the start of each day and adjust the work:rest cycles accordingly.
Practice your escape plan in the dark so that you all know what to expect and how to navigate the home without electricity.
Contact Erb and Young now to acquire a customized Insurance policy that is the right fit for you and your budget. If you work in the heat, follow these 14 tips to minimise your risk of heat illness and stay healthy and safe on those hot summer days.

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