Metabolic resistance training also gives you shorter workouts for men because you typically either pair exercises in supersets or perform the exercises for men in circuits or mini-circuits (3-4 exercises). The other benefit of adding metabolic resistance training into your workouts for men, is that you will build muscle and muscle consumes more energy to maintain itself. The fat burning zone myth – When you hear trainers say that you will burn more fat at a lower intensity it is only half of the truth.
High intensity interval training not only burns more fat during your workout for men, but it also has an afterburn effect much like metabolic resistance training, in that your metabolism will stay elevated for a significant amount of time after the workout. Basically adding intervals allows you do your cardio workouts for men at a higher intensity by adding in timed rest periods. For example a good 20 minute beginner interval workout (using running as your exercise for men) would be 30:90 (30 seconds of high intensity running followed by 90 seconds rest. In order to have a fast effective fat burning workout for men, make sure you are combining Metabolic Resistance Training with High Intensity Interval Training.

If you want step-by-step Metabolic Resistance Training workouts for men and High Intensity Interval Training workouts for men, make sure you download the Killer Home Workout Manual and Eating For Abs Manual. It is an 8 week plan that has awesome home workouts for men that will help you get fit, lose the flab off your gut and get back in shape fast! Josh Hillis' Fat Loss and Fitness BlogWhere the fact and fiction of celebrity fitness collides with hard core fat loss basics.
Building muscle takes longer than losing fat, and it's going to take some serious dedication to make that happen. People tend to make one of two mistakes: They either never change their workout, or they change too often and change too much.
I've often said that your workout should be like seasons, it should change systematically.
This means less time working out, but still allows you to burn fat faster and get better results.

We all know the health benefits of improved cardiovascular fitness, but it is amazing how many people still think that doing long, boring cardio workouts is the best way to burn fat!
What they should be saying is that of the total energy expended you will burn a higher percentage of fat, but when you exercise at a higher intensity, although you burn a lower percentage of fat, you are actually expending more energy in total, so even though the percentage of fat burned is lower, the overall amount of fat burned is still significantly higher. All you need to do is choose an exercise (or exercises) and then choose your interval periods for work and rest.

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