There are many ways you can make this day romantic for her, here you can find few ideas that are good to try out. Do you remember how many times she cooked for you with her love without any occasion, it is just to please you. Make her queen for this day, make her feel very special, show her how much you love and care for her. Talking about romantic birthday ideas for her but not taking about a romantic dance, not fair. You must be thinking what is so romantic playing with chocolates, but experienced guys already know what I am taking about.
If you are planning out the day at home, then why not to watch any romantic movie at home lying on bed together holding each other under bed sheet. A birthday is incomplete without gifts, so you must also plan out some birthday gifts for her.

This was it from my end, these were some of the best romantic birthday ideas that you must try out on her birthday.
The idea is to write down some romantic, love, care, feelings oriented notes on different paper, hide all these notes in the room and let her find each of the notes. A dance like salsa could be one of the dance you can try, it is one of the dance form in which you can be more romantic. Try this out on her birthday and after the romantic fun is done, then you can go out for shower together. The best way to do is to take her for dinner in her favorite restaurant or may be a restaurant where you can have a good romantic ambiance. You can give her a great massage, also can make a romantic ambiance in a room before starting the massage. If you are at home together, then try to make a good romantic ambiance of the room before starting it out.

If this is what you are looking out for, then I will help you out finding in some of the best birthday ideas that are very romantic to try out. The ideas that are mentioned here are enough to make her feel special, but still if you can do personal things that would be better. Prepare a list of some romantic songs on which you can dance, you can also refer this list of  romantic songs.

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