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It automatically removes headers, footers and all the clutter, and leaves only text and images from any page.
The extension gives an option to convert pages to PDFs before saving, or to save them as text files. In this tutorial, we will take the printing of a WordPress post from a crappy level to a user-friendly level, as you can see on the following image.
The layout is a bit boring for now and lacks some proper space, I will then try to give the elements on the page a better arrangement. As you can see, I moved the blog’s title on the left and the content on the right, on about two-thirds of the page. I also added underlines for links with the URL following it, removed the color and changed the font families for the titles and texts. I have seen too many people who try to browse the web and get things done with a highly cluttered browser interface and all the extra tools and doodads get in the way. Information is flying all around us like debris from a tornado going through a trailer park.
I use the keyboard shortcuts for the Firebug add-on and the other basic browser buttons like forward, back, refresh, so I have removed all those buttons and add-on bars.
Web designers and developers should take an important lesson from this; if a 15-year-old piece of Visual Basic 6 abandonware can still be useful - your sites shouldn't just be designed for today’s browsers. Web designers in recent years have mostly ditched the fake wood backgrounds and shiny web 2.0 effects in favor of simpler and cleaner layouts that reduce the amount of visual noise on the page.
What Web designers can take from this experimental failure is that it took many years for voice recognition, and the concept of virtual reality, to find it's feet because the technology had to mature to a point where it was useful to users. Saying that Microsoft Bob was a total disaster would be a real mistake, as many curious legacies from it still exist today.

Perhaps the biggest lesson Bob can teach Web designers is that if you create something that doesn't work out, you shouldn't feel too disgruntled. Alexander Dawson is a freelance web designer, author and recreational software developer specializing in web standards, accessibility and UX design.
Minimalist is designed to let you “take control of the way you experience your favorite Web sites.” It does that by allowing you to remove much of the clutter that those Web sites—including Gmail—have all over their pages. It prompts with a notification, seeking permission to access your data on all websites, tabs and browsing history. Activate the extension by clicking the cloud icon, and it will load an iFrame on top of the page you’re currently browsing, with options to save or print web pages.
The built-in editing tools let you change font size, remove unwanted images and text or add a note to your content before saving.
Although Chrome has inbuilt functionality to print pages as PDFs, the extensions comes with a variety of options to not only edit the page before doing so, but to also save them as both PDF and Text File (Word document) to Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. First, it contains way too much unnecessary information that lead to a four pages document.
Printed CSS is even more limited technically than CSS for web pages, so it will hard to do real graphic design, but I will at least try to give better white space and design. It might also be worth changing some of the colors used on the web design, for example it is useless to keep color for links. I have seen too many people who try to browse the web with so many buttons, bars, and add-ons that much of the space for actually viewing web pages is reduced by about a third or more. I show the status bar on the bottom so I can see if the HTML pages I am coding are validating as strict without running a validator. We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company.

Its streamlined interface is reminiscent of checking email on a tablet, lacking the clutter of Gmail’s traditional web-based interface.
Whatever the case may be, you definitely need to install Save Content to Box, Google Drive & Dropbox, a handy extension for Google Chrome users that allows you edit and save web pages as PDF or text file to your Box, Google Docs or Dropbox account directly from Chrome. While you can always save pages to your computer, it will be beneficial to save them directly to cloud services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, in order to have access to these documents any time you want, from any device. It's true that if you remove unnecessary clutter, users will be able to find what they want quicker (and pages may see performance benefits too). If you're designing an app, service or site, avoid adding functionality for the sake of it, especially a half-baked implementation or simply because other people are, after all, that's how the terrible shiny Web 2.0 "look" started!
Usability and accessibility testing is mandatory, and having a flexible plan that allows you to craft your interface around the needs of customers who'll use the site day-to-day will avoid redundancy and poor choices from being made. It’s so clutter-free, in fact, that it just may become my browser-based Gmail method of choice. Everyone uses the web differently which makes Firefox great for many people because it can be customized for their needs.
It not only gives freedom to save web pages to these services, but also helps you to clean (remove unwanted content) the web page before saving. And Molto does that, too, creating a customized list of the contacts with whom you interact the most and offering a quick reply option that makes it easier to get back to the people who need to hear from you. You may also utilize social media platform to share the articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn directly from the extension, too.

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