The Institute of Rapid Language Learning has devised a program for learning languages in the easiest, fastest way possible.
The approach combines ancient memory techniques with the latest developments in brain research. If you have struggled to learn a language in the past, like me, the hardest part was (1) remembering enough words to express yourself simply. These three principles form the basis of a revolutionary approach to teaching languages that I developed after years of research. I've traveled quite extensively and it was also hard work to learn the language of the country I was living and working in. After years of research and trying different approaches, I've discovered that the two most important factors in being able to communicate in a foreign language are 1) having a core vocabulary and 2) developing your ear so that you can pick out those basic words in a conversation.

If you are not in Israel then one of the best ways to pick up the language is by watching movies with a Hebrew soundtrack. Kidspeak, Quickstart and Instant Immersion courses (from Transparent Language, Eurotalk, BBC) are useful complements to this course, but they aren't necessarily good value for money. I founded the Institute of Rapid Language Learning to continue finding effective ways to learn a foreign language quickly and easily, and to develop courses based on these approaches. Learning to play an instrument meant that I developed an ear for language as well as for music. Linguaphone offers good community support, but Rapid Language Learning is better for getting started and developing a colloquial and practical skill. It is a distance learning (or e-learning) online course for home study, although we do offer site licenses to schools, colleges, universities, ulpanim, kibbutsim and businesses.

A lot more fun than Linkword Languages (Michael Gruneberg) also known as Unforgettable Languages, although the underlying principle is similar. A combination of the best accelerated learning and NLP techniques, including the application of mnemonics and memory tricks used by the Greeks, Romans and memory champions.
And incorporating the latest advances of accelerated learning specialists such as Tony Buzan (mind maps and mind mapping) and Dominic O'Brien (current World Memory Champion), Kevin Trudeau (founder of the American Memory Institute and developer of the Mega Memory program), Edward De Bono (Lateral Thinking, Six Hats, Creative Thinking, CoRT), Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), Georgi Lozanov (Suggestopedia), Richard Bandler, John Grindler and John Le Valle (NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming), plus Milton Erikson (Waking Hypnosis) as well motivational experts such as Tony Robbins (UPW or Unleash the Power Within), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup), Brian Tracy, Colin Rose, Zig Ziggler, etc. However, listening to the radio, learning songs and speaking and interactive with native speakers will help you to advance to a high level of competence very quickly.

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