Even if you disagree to what that person said, you need to react to it in a positive fashion and try and make them happy. Now that you know how to handle criticism you might still be wondering why I said criticism is a good thing. Criticism is always tough to take, but if you can sallow your pride for a bit you’ll become a much better person.
I agree that criticism is both necessary and beneficial, but I disagree with some of your points.
Receiving criticism isn’t something people consider when they begin an endeavor, such as starting a business or even just starting a blog. Constructive criticism should be welcomed at all times – I see it as a gift when I receive constructive criticism as it brings my attention to areas and possibilities I may never have previously been aware of or even considered. It takes a strong person to stand tall in the face of criticism, take it on board, and reply with honour and grace.

As far as those who offer unsolicited criticism, the majority are usually hate-filled puppets of regret, and the rest are tactless. If you are the achievement oriented type, talent and hard work combined inner criticism is all you need.
Personal branding is how other individuals look upon you and if you want to be well perceived you need to be willing to take criticism and more importantly learn from it. Sometimes people jump to conclusions and criticize when their points are covered within your blog post.
You have to have a thick skin, and remember that how you handle criticism could be a positive or negative turning point for your personal brand in the eyes of onlookers. I presonally have no problem in accepting constructive criticism – the one that I can benefit from or that will inspire me to improve.
As someone who runs a polemical site, I depend on criticism to hone my arguments and expose the flaws within them.

My whole thing with the happiness is that if you acknowledge their criticism and try and do something about it in many cases they will be happy because you did not brush them off. Of course there are people who criticise out of jealousy or anger but if we have a lot of self confidence we will be able to tell the useful criticism from the foolish one.
Professional criticism, puhlease, that’s just a lame and pathetic excuse to downplay something. One of the things I tell my group is to first ask themselves if the criticism inspires them to create or to give up.

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