Your new reality can only manifest by your personal faith and a deeper understanding of consciousness. All of the above negativities are caused by conflicts within the personality and imbalances to the life energy. It enables each person to take back their power and take responsibility for their entire life. We see the world we personally describe with enormous subjective power and manifesting potential because our truth is already pre-manifest in the "whole" of the universe.

As the physical blocks and defenseswithin the personality are dissolved, layer by layer through charging and discharging the bioelectric energy of the body, the individual becomes healthier and healthier at a very accelerated rate. In other words, our entire life has personally unfolded based on the totality of our behaviour including our interaction with those we know and those we do not know! I will then build onto this model the invocation of spirit into the heart and a synergetic approach to address the much needed personal and universal transition to a loving world.
These words conjure emotional energy with such a focussed intention that nothing can stop that person from their heart's desire.

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