Stress word on a thermometer to illustrate and measure your work load from low to moderate to high to extreme. Office in tray piled high with a large amount of overwhelming work good concept for stress.
I found a new project to work on, and made a great first impression on my new supervisor by bailing him out when he had a last-minute project proposal to put together and I stepped up (last minute crises my specialty).
In the span of a week last month, I heard a good outcome on an earlier project (with the supervisor who fired me -- so it was especially sweet to learn that my contribution hadn't been so terrible after all), was finally diagnosed with a learning disability (joining my ADHD and its traveling companions), and completed a big chunk of work for my current project.

My partner is very caring, but not so good at picking up on emotions, and doesn't really "get" how badly I miss the "groove" I'd finally found in the old place, nor how important my physical environment is to my ability to work.
Make your goal list, prioritize everything, see where you can add if it doesn't work out then you modify. And I could ignore the unopened boxes and furniture in disarray, were it not for the fact that I need some of that stuff in order to work. I'm trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter -- that I should be able to open up my laptop anywhere and start working and tune out everything else, but apparently I don't find myself all that convincing!

However, I've learned that the stress from doing so is absolutely toxic to my life right now.

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