Please call Optimal Health Spectrums directly at 925-846-8000 or Get Started Online by visiting our New Patients Section! Now that you’re a pro determining what types of foods are best to eat (whole foods, predominantly plant-based, high-quality, and as un-processed as possible!), it is essential to learn how to consume your foods to ensure optimal digestion. Therefore, the first step to combating weight problems and obesity is understanding what causes weight gain in the first place. This diet is highly effective at helping people lose weight and achieve optimal health, and has been shown to even reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Step two is applying that knowledge in such a way that you drop your excess pounds learn how to maintain a stable weight after dieting!
Your personal weight loss coach will empower you with the knowledge to develop better lifestyle choices and smarter eating habits after the program ends. If you’re looking to further reduce weight, eliminate bloat, feel good overall, and get the most out of the foods you eat, the following tips for food combining will help keep your gut healthy and life long. Because anyone can lose weight, the true measure of weight loss success is learning how to maintain a stable weight after dieting has ended.

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