If the player looks to build confidence, then we must first discover the reasons why he hasn't any self confidence.
If you then read these positive statements, which are not some out of the air affirmations but your actual notes, then you will feel a great deal of self confidence which will represent your inner strength. If the player has done a good job - practicing hard and with 100% effort, has developed good sound technique, understands the game well and plays a tactically smart game and he thinks that all that is nothing or not very good, than he will not be confident about himself.

The last reason for not being really self confident about himself is the foundation of self confidence - self esteem.
This is the first step to a true and deep feeling of confidence which is based on real facts - results. If the player thinks about himself that he is no one special, that he has many flaws, he is not really a worthy person, then these feelings and beliefs influence his golfing self confidence too.

This is the foundation of his self worth which affects his golf specific self confidence.

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