It may seem strange that I am promoting websites other than my own, however, the truth is out there and I'm here as a messenger today to share what I believe is the very best music one can use for meditation practice.
Now coming from a brain wave entrainment composer and enthusiast with over 5 years of producing this music, OM Harmonics wins hands down to all other deep meditation music programs on the market today. Now this is important because you need to be comfortable with the music that you are going to listen to on a daily basis. Unlike other meditation audio that use jarring and sometimes unpleasant sounds, OmHarmonics infuses consciousness engineering technology into beautifully arranged tunes. The Guided Meditation site has the best collection of pure relaxation music on the web you can find today. With most compositions by Australian composer Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke (we sell his music on Relax Me Online too!), the music selection are mainly long plays (one track) lasting for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

The Guided meditation Site definitely has some of the best meditation music (single purchase albums) on the web today. Please sample some of our free relaxation music above and don't forget to sign up for free meditation music every single month!
Just add your name and email at the top of the page and we will send you links instantly to download some high quality meditation music – and we will add to this on a monthly basis. I hope you enjoyed this article and hope that you will have the opportunity to try out either OMHarmonics or The Guided Meditation Site. Otherwise if you're not comfortable, you will not listen daily and therefore will not benefit from the meditation. The result is an awesome listening experience that makes meditation the highlight of your day.

It does also have some brain wave entrainment albums, binaural beat  and guided meditation albums as well.
Music plays an important role in that of meditation, and this meditation music assists in the process of allowing you to enter into a deeper states of consciousness. If the music does not aid in the process of your meditation, then it has not served its purpose. On the other hand, if the music is quality meditation music and does what it says, then it is worth more than the perceived value.

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