Uber, already the most valuable private tech company in the world, is rumored to be raising a new round of funding that would value the company around $60 billion. And this year alone, 70 startups became members of the "unicorn club," meaning new rounds of funding valued these companies at $1 billion or higher. Courtesy of Rent The RunwayJennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman of Rent The Runway.There's no shortage of innovative and impressive startups in New York's Silicon Alley. All the companies on this list are private tech companies based in New York City that have raised venture-capital funding.
As a part of the business community, you can often get sidetracked with what appears to be important.
Whether you’ve just started in business or have been around for some time, the fact of the matter is you must constantly be focusing on the highest paid aspects of your business.

Whatever it is that derives the maximum payout to your business is where you should be engaged. For some it may be negotiating multimillion pound deals, others may be selling new clients on your highest priced services. The last two questions are a case in point because it determines whether you actually need more new customers. Paul Morgan is a senior marketing executive at Automated Marketing Systems, the UK’s leading Facebook for Business agency in the UK. 10 questions to ask yourself before launching a business5 key HR questions every small business should ask10. Four creative startups will battle it out in a pitch for investment at Australia’s only event dedicated to connecting creative industries ventures with investment.

The four startups selected to pitch to early stage investors at this years’ event in Brisbane on September 17th include Men on the Moon, ComiXchat, Brandspot and Bluethumb. Anna Rooke, CEO of QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) who host the event said the event recognised the need for creative businesses to understand what the angel investment community are seeking, aiming to increase the number of investor-ready businesses in Australia. The winner of the Creative? Pitch will receive flights and accommodation for a founder to represent Australia at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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