Beating depression naturally is an effective treatment method that can possibly give better results.
Depression contains a range of emotions that include sadness, anger, anxiety and frustration.
Serotonin plays a vital role in mood, and low level of serotonin may lead to depression and anxiety.
Exposure to the daytime sunlight helps to increase the levels of vitamin D and stimulate the body’s hormones like serotonin and melatonin that help to enhance the symptoms of depression. Try to spend some time with nature every day like walking, gardening, sitting and breathing in the fresh air early in the morning, may cause you to feel good as well as boost your mood.

Relaxation techniques are one of the ideal ways to beat depression with only positive reactions like improved sense of well-being and let down stress hormones.
Depression is a state of mental disorder characterized by both psychological and physical symptoms that can be detrimental to one’s normal daily functioning.
Depression is often associated with symptoms of feeling down,feeling sad, withdrawn, fatigue, discomfort, ache and sometimes insomnia. Approximately 71 percent of the people who took a walk in the park may decrease the level of depression when compared to the people who walk inside the shopping malls. Music therapy involves listening to music that includes relaxation and a positive mood which in turn help to boost the moods of individuals with depression.

Conditions including depression, panic disorder, anxiety and addiction will all be treated using guided imagery.

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