If you find it really hard to get going in the morning without coffee, then consider some of these natural ways to wake up, to ease the reliance on caffeine! When we were in China, a saleslady in a tea shop recommended Dragon Well green tea as a coffee substitute in the mornings. So I only have a cup in the morning and one in the afternoon and its not until after my morning walk. Ten ways to wake up, get invigorated and energized in the mornings – all without coffee.

I am growing to love my early mornings, and don’t mind that I have a coffee at some stage. I need morning help especially as the weather gets colder and the sun doesn’t get up quite as early any more. Was just thinking how hard I find it to get going in the morning since having a baby and this has made me excited to make my mornings the best they can be! When you have it near your head at night, the electro-magnetic radiation can make you wake up feeling hung over.

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