Sign up to our Yoga & Core Strengthening Weekend and feel the amazing benefits of a weekend of Yoga, Core Strengthening, Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation all in the one weekend giving your body and mind a complete toning, stretching and detoxing from the inside out.
Suitable for complete beginners to intermediate, but one should be prepared for a good challenge to your body. Rachel combines physical yoga asana with breath work and also with meditation to bring an overall balanced approach to one’s practice. Rachel introduces postures that helps you find your way into a pose that at first glance you would think was impossible for you.

Rachel teaches with honesty and good humour, with a lot of attention to detail so that your practice will develop and deepen over the weekend, and you will leave with new techniques and a way of doing the postures which you can practice with each day after the weekend is over.
There will also be meditation classes which will introduce Meditation to beginners and also deepen the practice of those familiar with meditation.
Each class is carefully planned and the core strengthening Asana (Yoga poses) bring a sense of groundedness and unshakeable centeredness. Her teaching goes beyond the physical practice and she is very knowledgeable about the spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga.

They are particularly effective for people with bad backs or hips, and also help prevent problems in these areas.

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