When I began to practice yoga back in 2000 I noticed within a few weeks that I was experiencing greater focus, clarity and productivity at work. This entry was posted in Health, Wellness and tagged meditation, mental clarity, warrior 3 pose, yoga pose, yoga tip, focus, yoga benefits by admin. It is not inertia or sleepiness – To prevent nodding off stare at a wall or a candle flame, ventilate the room, avoid doing your meditation lying down, avoid meditating on a full stomach.
Sustained meditation practices lead to a decrease in blood pressure, muscle tension, and electrical brain frequencies (alpha rhythms), lowers cholesterol and the reduction of pain.
Deep, regulated breathing during meditation increases oxygen supply to the body, brain, and nervous system.
It improves physical and mental health and creates a sense of internal calm, tranquility and relaxation.

Meditation has the added benefit of helping us to cultivate compassion, empathy, love, and kindness. Turn any available space into a meditation area – the deck, the bathroom, a corner of the room, while on the bus or train, out by a favorite spot in nature. They say meditating once a day is spiritual maintenance and more than once is spiritual growth! Like the Pied-Piper I aim to use mesmerizing meditation to entice participants out of their head and into their heart space.
Blissful Stillness, the third album in the "Stillness" Trilogy, is everything - and more - that we've come to expect from a meditation CD by Paulette Pipe.
When it is gets foggy or overwhelmed and unclear it’s hard to make decisions, remember things or have the mental capacity to complete projects.

You’re curious about how meditation works, how much time it takes, or whether you’ll be any good at it because you don’t think you can stop your thoughts or be still and quiet for any measurable amount of time. If new to meditating engaging in too long an initial stretch may put you off from keeping up with a practice. Paulette’s weekly Touching the Stillness broadcast on Unity Online Radio which contain a wealth of meditation tools and tips to help you move past the chattering, roving mind to the tranquility of healing, holy silence. Four distinctive guided meditations gently guide the listener into exquisite moments of blissful stillness and centered peace.

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