I began incorporating 10-20 minutes of daily yoga and meditation into my morning routine on a daily basis two weeks ago to kick-start my yoga habit in anticipation of my commitment to The 16 Week Challenge.
The development and deepening of our meditation does not depend only on the topics already discussed – sincerity, technique, aspiration, the grace which these attract – but also on the way in which other aspects of our lives impact on all these, help or hinder our development. Understanding this mutuality of mind and body is important, and good reason for those learning meditation to develop a fit and healthy body-temple.
For those undertaking a deeper commitment to meditation, gradually clearing away the unhelpful habits of our lifestyle will prove greatly rewarding. Many paths, my own included, recommend a vegetarian diet, since even the food that we eat has some measurable effect on the depth and subtlety of our meditation, the purity and stillness of the mind.
The above recommendations are not intended to sound disapproving or veering toward some moral high ground – they simply invite any serious practitioner of meditation to explore adjustments in their lifestyle that can be beneficial.

The deeper our meditation becomes, the more we can feel the guidance of our own real Self, the 'inner pilot' as Sri Chinmoy describes the soul. Jogyata has given classes and talks on meditation for the general public for over 30 years, both in New Zealand and around the world. In this interview, Jogyata talks about how his life journey led him to meditation and spirituality, and how it has changed his perspective on so many things.
I gravitate toward chakra meditations, I enjoy how far a quick guided chakra meditation can take me when done correctly, but this one blew me away.
Our meditation cannot exist in isolation from everything else that we do – it is supported, or conversely annulled by these things. As I’ve been shifting from the college lifestyle and responsibilities to one where I’m working 40+ hours a week alongside writing projects I have not taken the time to meditate nearly as much as I need.

This is the principle of holistics, the co-dependence of physical wellbeing, lifestyle habits, diet and exercise, the desires, thoughts and preoccupations that fill our mind – the mix of all these will have a considerable bearing on how quickly we can progress. As the plant grows in the sunlight, the seeker's inner life is likewise nourished by the sunlight of spirituality – peaceful music, the literature of the realised masters, the still and silent haven of meditation itself. Thus a lifestyle enabling this access to the soul through meditation is of incalculable value for it grants us great happiness – the soul's delight flows into everything that we are and do.
For example, put a yoga mat next to your bed or set up a meditation corner to begin incorporating a daily meditation practice in your mornings.

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