The state of having a clear mind may seem like a difficult thing to attain, especially when you do this to prepare yourself for meditation.
You may feel more comfortable reclining, sitting on your legs, the floor or a chair, standing or even walking.
There are a variety of meditation advocated by a variety of people from motivational speakers to psychics.
According to a recent article by Scientific American, meditation has shown improved brain functions and enlargement of certain areas of the brain. Set the timer for 15 minutes, darken the room, and sit in your favorite chair, lay down, or sit Buddah-style,its truly up to you. As you continue with your focused attention on your breathing, you will not be thinking about your day, your problems, your money problems, your future, etc. When your are meditating for the first time with the intent to practice the art as an integral part of your life, your mind WILL wander and start thinking about anything. As you get better at focusing your attention on your breathing, prior to the beginning of your daily meditation, think of a question you would very much like an answer to.
This is a 5 minute guided visualisation aimed at grounding, clearing the mind, and clearing any forms of negativity. This is a 5 minute guided visualisation aimed at grounding, clearing the mind, clearing any forms of negativity and shifting your focus. Perfect for times of overwhelm or emotional distress, or perhaps before entering a meeting, or even before starting a meeting with your team.
The background sounds were specifically chosen to support full relaxation of the mind and nervous system, and to also help purify your energy.
Place your hands on your knees or in mudra position (see left: hand depiction) and close your eyes. Place your attention on your breath, as it travels in and out through the tip of your nose. Visualize radiant violet light (or white), emanating from your chest center or from the point between your eyebrows for 5 to 20 minutes.
Remember something recent that made you feel loving, happy, grateful, or peaceful and actively keep generating this emotion from an inch inside your chest center as you wish this feeling out to everyone. EFFECTS: The more you generate this emotion, the more your brain rewires itself to feel this way on a consistent basis.
No, you don't have to go under a canopy or go to a forest to meditate— although once you fall in love with meditation, the romance might just happen.
Scientific research shows that even small amounts of meditation is good for your brain, and the more you meditate— the faster and better the results.
Except in meditations aimed at generating positive emotional states like Positive Emotion Generation (see below) and Compassion Meditation, a standard rule to clearing your mind during meditation is: don't identify with your thoughts or emotions. Nowadays, I practice color light meditations because, among other things, they enhance visual skills and creativity. This could be at a park, in your room, or anywhere that you will be able to concentrate completely at.

Try to focus on just your breathing, not your thoughts––the act of counting will help you achieve this.
By taking a spare moment to calm yourself and clear your mind, you'll get better and better at doing it each time. Promise yourself that you'll come back to the list later, knowing that you've captured all the things that you need to prioritize.
This clear your mind meditation is the best one to start with and will be used through out your life.
Clear Your Mind meditation will also benefit you physiologically by reducing your heart pressure, better blood circulation. Don’t fret, instead praise yourself for catching your imaginative mind wandering and start again to focus on your breathing. You will receive your answers, whether in a dream, a symbol, in what friend or even strangers may say. This meditation is considered fundamental to all types of meditation, due to its simplicity and relaxing effect, so it must be practiced first. This sound vibration is meant to stimulate deep areas of your brain & help drive your focus inwards. As you slowly inhale, your stomach will rise and inflate like a balloon as it draws in the air. This sound vibration is meant to stimulate deep areas of your brain and help drive your focus inwards. Withdraw all your senses from the outside world to remain completely silent and deep within yourself. You withdraw all your senses completely from the outside world to remain passive in that empty space between your thoughts. Interestingly, it was the monks who first introduced us to the cleansing powers of the daily toothbrush. In spirituality, it is well known that violet light visualization can eject negative energy from the energy body and even clear karmic patterns.
If you are a student or just wish to accomplish more, take the time to generate that sweet sense of accomplishment and good-feel satisfaction about something you did, during meditation. With the help of the simple steps below, you will be able to achieve a calm, peaceful, and clear state of mind when you meditate. It keeps your heart healthy, reduces stress, and repairs your body from tense, aching muscles.
This allows your brain to easily clear it's mind off one topic and clear the entire mind rather than having to clear loads of thoughts. This can help to remove the inclination to list all your must-dos in your head instead of concentrating on the meditation. Most recently, she’s been working on editing How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Is Pregnant to make some improvements based on reader feedback and questions.
By taking the time to refresh the mind and center yourself you will be able to work more productively and make better decisions.

If your mind wanders, gently bring back your attention to that empty space between your thoughts. John Hagelin presented brain-scan evidence of healthy restructuring of the brain based on 20 minutes of twice daily Transcendental Meditation. I would focus on my breath as it traveled through the tip of my nose, as this would help my mind become still. Please consult your physician if you have any medical conditions or wish to complement any present condition with meditation. As you practice meditating on a regular basis, your intuition, awareness, and a sense of peace will begin to crystalize in about two months. At Outryder.Org, we truly stress to you not to say anything negative about your mind wandering constantly.
When ready, I'd let go and stay inside that empty, clear space between my thoughts for as long as I could. Some may begin to experience the benefits of meditation sooner, for some it may take longer. If you can do this with a partner, the meditation will be more powerful for the both of you or even group. Just continue meditation at least once a day and in no time you’ll get better and better at it, we promise.
This meditation though is easy to do without any external help and the basis for all other types of meditation.
This emptying of all thoughts allows your mind to become a clean, clear vessel for new insight, expanded awareness, and bliss.
For further information on the effects of specific color frequencies, please check: Your Hands Can Heal You, by Stephen Co and Eric B. It is important to put your awareness about one inch inside your chest center and feel the emotion radiate from there. It is perfect for beginners and also regular practitioners, who feel like meditation has become more like a chore as opposed to an enjoyable experience. Consistent practice, without interrupting the process while your brain is busily reassembling itself, is key to a quicker and successful outcome.
Everytime you let go and refocus, your brain builds stronger and stronger neural connections that allow you to direct and deepen your focus at will.
And needless to say, better focus translates to better results in all your daily activities! You may feel pleasant energetic sensations, such as a clear opening or tingling, radiating and extending from this area. This Love Meditation is similar to the Compassion Meditation done by Buddhist monks, since compassion is a form of love.

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