I’m no Nostradamus, but if you ask me, the buzzword for 2014 is going to be “mindfulness.” Stress and over-caffeination used to be the status quo. Fanciful cartoons and videos tell you what meditation is, what it isn’t, and how to do it properly. The app includes a meditation narration, where you are guided through a peaceful thought process from a very calming and relaxing voice.
The app allows you to combine the following sounds: the ocean, rain forest, thunder, rain, leaves, wind, chimes, flute, waterfall, crickets, campfire, creek, seagulls, birds, school, and a drip. The app offers a variety of guided meditation programs to choose from (the free Take 10 series is a very good place to start!). The app lets you choose music, nature sounds, or simply the gentle voice guiding you through your meditaion. The app works by showing you a beach with the soundscapes written in the sand, by tapping a word the sound will begin. If you're looking for a dead simple and silent meditation app with no bells and whistles, this is the one.

The meditation track in this one is not on the same quality level as the essential app, but provides a nice alternative if you are looking for a change from Relax and Rest.
If you are not careful the app could cost you a fortune through these additional purchases.
The app includes no timer or voice elements, but does let you relax to your custom built soundscape. This app offers only a simple timer you set with a swipe for anywhere from one to 60 minutes.
The app includes many of the same features offered by other soundscape apps for meditation. The app does not try to persuade you into purchasing other sounds through in-app purchases, but comes with everything you need. It includes an adjustable timer that works for pretty much any time you give it up to 24 hours. The app includes different five minute increment time options (anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes).

The app also features a mindfulness bell, which can be set to go off in 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals.
The interface is very easy to operate, and feels more like a blown up iPhone app than a true iPad app. The app runs natively on the iPad, but the interface has not been enhanced for the large screen of the iPad.
Incidentally, it also makes a very nice nap timer for people who don't want to be jarred awake by an alarm clock tone.

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