There are a variety of meditation advocated by a variety of people from motivational speakers to psychics. According to a recent article by Scientific American, meditation has shown improved brain functions and enlargement of certain areas of the brain.
When your are meditating for the first time with the intent to practice the art as an integral part of your life, your mind WILL wander and start thinking about anything.
As you get better at focusing your attention on your breathing, prior to the beginning of your daily meditation, think of a question you would very much like an answer to. This clear your mind meditation is the best one to start with and will be used through out your life.

Clear Your Mind meditation will also benefit you physiologically by reducing your heart pressure, better blood circulation.
Don’t fret, instead praise yourself for catching your imaginative mind wandering and start again to focus on your breathing.
As you practice meditating on a regular basis, your intuition, awareness, and a sense of peace will begin to crystalize in about two months. At Outryder.Org, we truly stress to you not to say anything negative about your mind wandering constantly.
Some may begin to experience the benefits of meditation sooner, for some it may take longer.

If you can do this with a partner, the meditation will be more powerful for the both of you or even group. Just continue meditation at least once a day and in no time you’ll get better and better at it, we promise.
This meditation though is easy to do without any external help and the basis for all other types of meditation.

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