ISBN 0-9579317-3-5 UPC 6 8907686563 0This sound track is designed to help you to lower your blood pressure by way of a guided meditation with visualization.
If you have high blood pressure, I encourage you to seek ways in which you can lower your blood pressure. Luckily, high blood pressure can be lowered by making lifestyle changes and this is where hypnotherapy comes in. Don't keep suffering from high blood pressure - learn how to improve your health and the quality of your life with Hypnotherapy!!! There are many known benefits to meditating, both for your physical body and your mental and spiritual health.
Lowers high blood pressure & the levels of blood lactate, which helps reduce anxiety attacks. With meditation, your whole body undergoes a physiological change as it is filled with more energy. Similar to the Meditation Classes, our Singing Bowl Sound Bath and Meditation Evenings are where we come to you and a group of your friends and family for one evening. After many requests from people who come along to our Meditation Classes and Evenings, we have produced our first Meditation CD. We are willing to travel outside of our local area, but please note that due to the high cost of travelling expenses, these will have to be added to the price of Meditation Evenings etc.
The voice-over will guide you through the stages of relaxation with a focus on reducing the resistance to the flow of blood in your body. But new research has come out that says that not enough calcium and potassium can also cause high blood pressure. It’s important to keep track of your sodium, calcium, and potassium intake because these could have a direct effect on your blood pressure.

It can be difficult to make major life changes such as watching your food intake, exercising, and leading a healthy lifestyle, but this hypnosis session makes it easier to lower your blood pressure.
If you have high blood pressure, or if you are borderline high, you need to take action in order to lower your blood pressure. We have learned that meditation compliments Reiki very well, and have found it be an indispensable tool in our spiritual toolkit! These short meditations cover subjects such as Turning down Pain, De-stressing, Falling Asleep, Removing Anxiety and more.
We will bring our Himalayan Singing Bowls and a variety of meditations to choose from, to help create and share a wonderfully relaxing evening in the comfort of your own home. Two carefully selected meditations, each half an hour long, will gently and effortlessly relax, unwind and calm your Mind, Body and Spirit, as well as rebalance your full Chakra system and Aura. This lovely meditation works from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra, cleansing and balancing each chakra in turn. Persistently high blood pressure causes stroke, heart attack, aneurysms, and heart failure. The healing and relaxing tones are wonderful tools for removing the stresses and strains of the day, allowing everyone to relax and unwind before the meditation starts.
These are designed to be quick meditations you can learn and use during your busy day, when you need to take 5-10 minutes to relax and unwind, or just before going to sleep last thing at night. High blood pressure damages your blood vessels, this puts you at greater risk of having a stroke, heart attack, and heart disease. Jones will give you positive and powerful suggestions to help you naturally lower your blood pressure! Guided meditations are the perfect solution, where you are helped through the process by an expert meditator with a gentle Scottish voice.

While the bowls are very easy to play, please note that there is no pressure for everyone to play the bowls.
Once grounded, the final stage of this wonderful meditation is a cleansing under a beautiful waterfall…All three elements added together leave you relaxed, grounded and cleansed, before being gently brought back to the room at the conclusion of the meditation. In the current edition, the last track which was the "Body Love Guided Meditation" track has been replaced with the toning of the Chakras in descending order from crown to base.
Eating foods which actually allow your body to properly regulate its blood pressure naturally. And you are very encouraged by the results you get because when you start eating appropriately, your body is better able to regulate its own blood pressure.
You realize that the key to healthy eating is choosing those foods which are lower in salt and sodium. Also, you are interested in maintaining a healthy weight and this also lowers your risk of low blood pressure so you allow your body to lose the amount of weight it no longer wants or needs. This is a very important step which you can take to control your blood pressure and it has so many other wonderful benefits as well, helping you look and feel better.
This not only allows you to lower your blood pressure, but it allows you to live a life of honesty and integrity. So using all these new skills and all these new resources will help you lower your blood pressure and live a longer, healthier, more exciting, more fulfilling life.

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