TweetThe reported divorce rate in North America is that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. So a great sign of a marriage problem when it comes to sex is A.If you notice a change in the frequency of your regular sex routine, and B.
Although there may the signs of marriage problems evident throughout the marriage because after all, we all have our ups and downs; the key is to always stay on top of the signs and to deal with the issues right away. Maybe the issue in your relationship is not time-apart, maybe it is how to spend time together, how to spend money, how to raise a child, when to have a child, sex, when and where to attend church, etc. Finally, I’d like to invite you to take some risks and practice open communication with your partner. This entry was posted in Relationships and tagged christian, counseling, life, love, marriage, marriage counseling, psychology, relationships, Religion, therapy, Thoughts. An interesting aspect of working with these couples is that regardless of how different they are within their own relationship, or how much difference we could find between one couple and the next, many of them suffer from a lot of the same issues. Sometimes these rules are overt; they are known, expressed, understood, agreed upon by both partners, and lived up to without there being any issues.

Whatever your issue is, the key to changing the current state of the relationship is learning to communicate in a way that effectively by-pass the destructive-cycle. I am happy to have the opportunity to practice this type of communication style in my own relationship. One of the biggest threats to a relationship is the lack of communication because communication affects almost every aspect of your marriage. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough and the root of most problems in a marriage can be traced to this basic concept. It basically all starts with great communication and being respectful and mindful of your partner’s needs. Your marriage or relationship must have an underlying foundation of love, admiration and respect. To avoid bigger issues and communication problems in your marriage or relationship, follow the tips above to the path of good communication and a great marriage. Just because you are  not fighting with your spouse, it doesn’t mean you are properly communicating and connecting with your spouse.

Asking questions that explore why you are experiencing the emotions associated with these issues is the beginning of success in this area. If you notice that your conversations are solely based on asking if the bills were paid, what’s for dinner, did you take out the garbage or take Katie to soccer practice, it really is not communication about how your partner is feeling or sharing anything on an intimate, emotional and spiritual level. Attraction doesn’t die immediately, but over time and after marriage when you add the typical responsibility that comes with marriage, sex for many married couples is not the most important thing to consider.
Furthermore, writing about these emotions, where they come from, when they started and what triggers them can help organize ideas related to these issues.
Remember that the goal of communication is working together to achieve a loving and fulfilling relationship. These beliefs and standards can also also cause us to jump to unconscious conclusions while communicating to our spouse, which can cause even more misunderstanding.

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