NieceyI'm about 17wks pregnant, and I previously wanted to get flatter abs, bigger butt, better thighs, overall overall toned body. MargaridaI'm working out leg and butt to gain muscle and to round it up and maintain the size and normal cardio to lose weight, already los 2kg or 4 pounds.
Once a lady gets beyond that myth that lifting weights will make her look like a man, she might find pumping iron to be an integral part of her workout routine, slimming her down, and helping her drop weight and bodyfat.
I guess there is some appeal to the "juicers" somewhere, just saying for the ladies sake that most men do not find that the huge female bodybuilders on steroids attractive at all, but a well buffed, toned, and fit looking woman (like the photos in this post), have incredible appeal to most of us men, although to what degree of muscle will  vary. I always find it amazing that as much as "Toned and Fit" women are scrutinized, when you look at blogs and fitness pages, women constantly comment that they love those toned, fit, slightly buffed female bodies, the term I hear most often is that women are either "inspired" or "motivated" to go to the gym.
I think one legitimate area of concern for women who have "the bug", and just love to work out and pump iron intensely, is the fact that although putting on more muscle has the positive effect of burning more bodyfat, unfortunately, some of that bodyfat burned off can come from breast tissue, and thus can [possibly] contribute to making a woman's breasts smaller.
The human body is designed such that the more muscle added, the fat will be burned due to the body's metabolism.
Once again, a woman might start utilizing this concept of putting on muscle to burn bodyfat and shrink her body size still might find that weightlifting makes her arms or whatever are too big for her preferences (her friends and Facebook fans may love it, but it's not her ideal body image), but at the same time she loves to pump iron, because she loves her newly crafted shapely butt and slimmer waist, loves the compliments on the street from men (and women), and loves how her clothes fit. So, she can bein a situation where her arms are getting a little too big, but pumping iron is making the rest of her body look great.
Another trick one can implement is the woman may not want those huge arms, just nicely toned arms and back, say to rock a strapless, backless dress, but she might want a bigger, more shapely butt.
When he turns, his familiar face and eyes are beaming toward me as he explains that he is looking for the rock we used in meditation the last time we visited the creek. At first, the feeling is a bit overwhelming and tears flow as I remember Nepo’s request to include looking at the lighted candle as part of my meditation. This experience has supported me in looking closely within me to see where I discover feelings of inequality as a part of my physical existence. In that moment, I began to look at my choices during the past few months and the intentions behind them.
In that moment, I chose to look into his clear blue eyes and said, “Hi.” He didn’t look at me, but his eyes were alive with the joy and pure light of the incredible sun that rose through the window of the elevator. Power-lifting will allow you to become stronger than bodybuilding, and bodybuilding will make you more muscular than power-lifting, but you will get bigger and stronger with both. It's no mystery that body building has a bigger fan base and more media solely dedicated to it. The ridiculously "man looking" female bodybuilders are on steroids, "juicing" as they call it. Slimming Down" where I try to express the fact that marathon runners develop slimmer body types in spite of exercising their muscles for over two hours, and female sprinters develop more buffed bodies, even though their race is only 10 seconds long, due to the quick, explosive movements they female sprinters make for a very brief period of time, similar to football players. In this case, if a woman has that weightlifting "bug", then she could channel that need to "pump heavy" to leg exercises, to develop bigger, more shapely legs and butt, if that is you aspiration. This has a tendency to trim down the muscle in the arms, as opposed to heavier weights that bulk arms up.
He looked concerned and said to me, My father-in-law is out in my truck; he is 85 and he’s had a medical procedure today and we’ve been with the doctors.
As I sat on my deck looking out over the city, the leaves of fall were turning the world into bright hues of red, orange, and brown. He wanted to have the biggest paper route and he wanted to make the most sales at his part-time job.
What I’ve noticed is that they look more closely, eat more slowly, move more deliberately, and listen intently to others. Is there any way I can make it even like my left side loose the fat or lift it up so it evens out with my left side!

As the New Year begins, my heart is open and I look forward to the experiences I will create. Last night as I looked around during a concert on the mountain, I saw the same people I see almost daily.
To make that possible, I pulled it out, pumped up the tires, admired it’s beauty, and my heart felt lighter.
Perhaps you look in the mirror and think that you are getting older and no longer beautiful; yes you are getting older, but aging has it’s own beauty. It was quickly replaced with a look of acceptance of what was now occurring as she described her coming treatment. This morning I read Tolle’s words I needed to hear: If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.
He seemed challenged both mentally and physically, and my reaction was to look away so that his mom would not feel I was staring at the young boy. Think of the body, like this cheeseburger, in that, even if the proportion of muscle increases relative to fat, the body can actually shrink down in size, like a cheeseburger.
Although I think it is really hard to get those "male-looking" arm unless you are really trying, as in insanely pumping in the gym everyday, I suppose it can happen if a woman's bodytype is naturally bigger or thicker (think Serena Williams). I can take a small step toward my car and drive the dirt road to the main road; and if the wind is too strong, I can return to this rugged North shore bamboo farm and make the best of it. As we parted, I heard myself say to him, looks like you’re on it and I’m just standing beside it.
I’ve come to look forward to their presence and the feeling of security and safety they trigger within me. Expansion now calls and the excitement of just what that will entail lifts my energy and makes me want to sing.
In my view as I watch the water run over the rocks, he stands with his back to me looking into the creek.
We are many flames from the same candle, and yet, just one light; apart we are a flicker but together we make a luminous Life. The man whose taste and smell is not so acute takes two bites before he makes his choice of what to eat. Each of us makes choices that create our life day-to-day, hour-to-hour, moment-to-moment, and those choices add up to a Life unlike any other. I looked at her husband and there I saw a deep pain quickly replaced with an expression of deep love for this woman with which he has shared many years.
Only then can I make a responsible choice to support the life I want with the consequences that come from making choices within the presence of acceptance. The light from the sun had entered his eyes and body completely and radiated outward toward anyone who chose to look. May I remember to look deeply into my own eyes to find love and then freely give it away to others.
Of course, there are times when I have to say no to someone, and what I’ve found is that even that is easier when I say yes to what is transpiring in the moment and then expand the conversation or activity to make my point or acknowledge someone else’s need.
They may remark that I look like someone else, but if they truly know me, they know that I am like no one else. It takes a deep intention to look inside us and see those patterns, take a second look, and remind ourselves they are imaginary stories we have created to feel okay in this particular incarnation and perhaps others.
I will look at my activities one by one to see if there is a second agenda lurking in the shadow of my fearful ego.
If the answer is limits, look at it and let it go for it does not serve your Life or anyone’s.

Our patterned reaction may not be the healthiest response in this moment, and if it is not, it may be wise to make a different choice. If I find one, I will look to see what I can learn from that situation in the present moment.
My mother says, behind the flower the great sun, which I feel on my face, casts a dark surrounding edge that make the blossom even more vivid and creates a shadow of the stamens on the petal itself.
She said, “He still makes me laugh.” He, in character, chuckled with pleasure at that thought. Time to make the smoothie that has become a part of my mornings of late: cantaloupe, pineapple, blueberries, yogurt, strawberries, apples, and raspberries. The silence of deep meditation, the practice to live in this moment, and the awareness that we are a part of something bigger than our physical being have supported me to accept and heal from the things I can not change. Click Here to lose weight (burn fat) and build muscle at the same time but… Start here If you're extremely overweight.
I glide to the coffee maker and the smell of coffee is strong enough to feel like I taste it already. I am gaining muscle all over but I really desperately want to lose the extra pudge on my arms and lower belly. Perhaps you have doubts about your own goodness and forget to look at the generosity that has been a major thread of your Life. Earlier that day, a dog had stumbled upon a hornet’s nest and had been stung badly, and a staff member went looking for the nest to eliminate it so humans could walk the path without being stung. You never really know if you look competitively better or not, because the criteria for winning changes arbitrarily and sporadically. This is because, as it's famously known, heavy compound movements (like the deadlift) add more muscle than light concentrated movements (like curls) [4]. For me, Zach’s light infused the darkness around the truck and as I looked from my fellow poll worker’s eyes to Zach’s son-in-law’s eyes, they seemed to glow with something unexplainable. Also, hypertrophy (the process that builds muscle in your body) isn't localized, it's systemic.
You won't know which muscles will mean the most on stage until you ask the judges after the show why you only placed 6th, and by then it's already obsolete information, because the next competition will have different judges looking for something else entirely. Bottom Line: If your goal is to make money, competing in either discipline is a waste of time.
Synthol is a kind of oil pumped deep into the muscle tissue in order to make the muscle look bigger. Make your choice based on factors like health and training philosophy, because you won't get rich lifting weights either way.3. I don't think anyone can.Besides, if the biggest powerlifters are guilty of being too fat, then bodybuilders are guilty of just the opposite -- They get too lean. Bottom line: With power-lifting, a woman can be both the best in the world and still look feminine. This is what you must look like to be the best, because that's what the sport is, after all.4. If you want to be able to make waves in your chosen community without having to resort to drugs, you can do that in powerlifting -- You can't even get your pro-card in bodybuilding without juicing.
If you're a woman and you like the idea of working out, but you're afraid of looking too bulky, powerlifting allows you to become stronger than most men without having to look like one -- with bodybuilding, the goal is to look as muscular as possible, which is exactly what you're trying to avoid.

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