With all the words at my command I am still unable to adequately and eloquently express the beauty and awe of love. I’d sooner die a poor unknown than lose these feeling—the caring, the sharing, the knockout intensity of your love. Livy  dear,     I have already mailed today’s letter, but I am so proud of my privilege of writing the dearest girl in the world whenever I please, that I must add a few lines if only to say I love you, Livy. This past weekend, we hosted the wedding dinner party for my mom who recently married her 6th grade love.

I’ll spare you the details of the experience, but it was not pretty and it left me essentially stranded on a cold, dark and dreary Christmas Eve. When I eventually took a breath from my defense, I was shocked to realize that I had been creating experiences throughout my whole life to prove to myself that I was indeed not spoiled! I am once again in awe of the scope of intelligence – and love – that this Universe holds for us.  And I am also vitally aware of how it is that our own tapes, programming, thoughts and beliefs literally create the experiences in our lives.
This week I had a powerful reminder of the fact that even crappy experiences are simply love notes from the Universe.

Living in a tipi, hauling my own water, freezing my butt off to chop down trees to build our house, living without electricity and working for years on important causes were simply not the actions of a spoiled person. So from then on, all of his notes were written to me on toilet paper, anniversary notes, birthday notes, and everyday notes….

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