Thankfully, through Jesus, God has provided everything we need to successfully resist evil and be overcomers.
When we are at the limits of our strength, patience, love, and health, we are tempted to be un-Christian.
When you know something is sinful, don't engage or banter with the devil, because he is the master of rationalization—that's how Eve fell! If you have an area of temptation you know will drag you down, take whatever advance measures of prevention you can, no matter how desperate, to keep from being overcome.

For me, the very best means for overcoming temptation is recognizing that God has provided a way of escape for every one of us. Remember how much Jesus loves you by remembering the cross when you are tempted, and then return that love by resisting the evil before you.
You need to come to the place where you love God so much that you would rather die than deliberately sin and grieve Him. Some Christians are even proud of the areas they have overcome, but they're only setting themselves up for the devil to knock them down.

But instead, I want to use these fundamental truths as a foundation to highlight 12 practical keys to resist and overcome temptation.

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