Find and follow posts tagged billie joe armstrong on Tumblr Billie Joe Armstrong was born on February. View the latest Billie Joe Armstrong quotations I`d love to be fluent in Spanish I`d like to be a If I look at my old lyrics, they seem. Coming Clean by Green Day song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and Front man Billie Joe Armstrong has stated that. Billie Joe Armstrong was born on February 17th, 1972 in Rodeo, California as the from the start and recorded his first song called Look for Love at the age of 5. Quotations by Billie Joe Armstrong, American Musician, Born February 17, 1972 Share with your friends I love storytelling Billie Joe. Dec 3, 2012 Rehab real estate: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong put his Newport Awww i love Billie Joe and i love Green Day,i wish him a very speedy. Use your color histogram to correct your white balanceNov 1, 2009 Green Power Billie Joe Armstrong Drives Green Day in New Directions on 21st. Yo me enamoreee de su musicaa &#9829 ,de su forma de actuar en el escenario,de lo amable qe es con sus fan, de lo solidario qe puede ser, de lo divertido qe es siempre de todoo !! Add this as a comment to ten of your friends tonight and at midnight your true love will love you. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likey turned your back on the world.
Watch Later Oct 30, 2012 The very first song that Billie Joe Armstrong ever recorded, when he was. Whoever breaks this chain letter will be cursed with 10 realationship problems for the next ten years tag ur it!! In 1999 Green Day gained backup guitarist Jason White, who became an official member of the band in 2012.Green Day reached its peak of popularity and its first breakout success with 1994's Dookie, which is still seen as one of the most seminal albums of its time for its lasting impact on punk rock, allowing it to finally hit the mainstream.
American Idiot also received controversy for being "Anti-American," despite only a few songs having any sort of political message.

Su madre, Ollie Armstrong, era camarera en el restaurante Rod's Hickory Pit, donde Billie y su amigo Mike Dirnt trabajaron en su adolescencia.
He became a touring guitarist for the band starting with the Warning years, then he became a full member in time for the Uno, Dos, Tre trilogy.
During the Reading 2013 performance of "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams", as soon as the audience heard the opening riffs, they took it upon themselves to sing the whole first verse before Billie Joe came in.
Everyone sings along with Billie Joe during "Basket Case", and he'll always conduct the first half of the hook to be sung by the audience before he steps in, to prevent the crowd from being drowned out by the guitar and drums.
Berserk Button: Don't ever tell Billie Joe that Green Day sucks, or else he'll beat you into submission right then and there. Catch Phrase: Billie Joe almost always says "get your ass up here" when he picks a fan to come on-stage and play with him. Special mention goes to "Let Yourself Go", which drops 9 f-bombs; two in Precision F-Strike form, and the other 7 in rapid succession (repeating the line "always fuck, fucking with my head now"). Billie Joe likes to swear in concerts as well ("And don't fucking wear it out!"), specially if the organization screws the band and cuts their concert short. The rant is made all the more memorable for the fact that Billie Joe says "fuck" and its variants 21 times, rips on Justin Bieber, and smashes his guitar repeatedly into the ground until it breaks apart. Interestingly enough, he checked into rehab the following day to be treated for "Substance Abuse". For example, Billie Joe throws a stick onto the road behind him, snagging onto the front wheel of a bicyclist behind him.
Guttural Growler: Billie Joe occasionally delves into this when he's screaming at concerts or really reaching the higher levels of his Careful with That Axe abilities. Guyliner: Billie Joe adopted it since American Idiot came out (part of why some label them as Emo). In the BIAB performance of "Hitchin' a Ride", Billie Joe conducts the audience to say various sounds, which escalates to an orgasm.

Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Whoever's shooting at Christian and Gloria in the video for "21 Guns" could really use some brushing up. Incredibly Lame Pun: Some fans like cracking jokes that Billie Joe's iHeart Radio Music Fest meltdown could be seen as a "21st century breakdown". In "Makeout Party", Billie Joe lets out a particularly raspy Metal Scream during the solo that lasts for 6 seconds.
In the BIAB performance of "Minority", while conducting some "hey-oh" Audience Participation, Billie Joe sings a "hey" that gets stretched out for 16 seconds without very noticeable strain on his voice. Indecipherable Lyrics: When they performed "Geek Stink Breath" on Saturday Night Live, they got away with saying "shit" because nobody understood what Billie Joe was saying. Love Nostalgia Song: Several, including but not limited to "Scattered", "Whatsername", and "Sweet 16". Mood Whiplash: Nimrod has both "Platypus (I Hate You)" which is probably the dirtiest Green Day song ever, played right after the relatively mellow "Worry Rock", and "Take Back", a punk-metal anger song, which is followed by the deliriously happy-sounding "King for a Day." This trope runs rampant throughout the Uno! Nimrod is much more experimental than anything they'd previously recordednote the band was tired of their Three Chords and the Truth sound, with a Surf Rock instrumental ("Last Ride In"), an Unplugged Song ("Good Riddance"), a Ska tune about transvestism ("King for a Day"), and the Cluster F-Bomb Hardcore Punk of "Platypus (I Hate You)". We even see a fan get by the security and tackle Billie Joe onstage (which is then replayed in a football replay manner), and we also see people fighting very viciously over a water bottle that Mike kicks into the crowd. For example, Billie Joe throws a stick onto the road, snagging the front wheel of the bicyclist behind him. The videos for "Holiday" and "Boulevard" coincide perfectly through a conjoined narrative, which makes sense as "Holiday" fades perfectly into "Boulevard".
Possibly because that's one of the many songs in which Billie Joe is very hard to understand.

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