Vegetarian diets, and even vegan diets which are a bit more restrictive, can contain more than enough protein for your body to thrive and for you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, as long as your diet is planned properly.One of the biggest problems I encounter with my clients who practice plant-based eating is the lack of overall protein in their diet, including plant-based sources. No matter what your lifestyle, the following foods are good sources of plant-based protein: (Not included in this list are processed vegetarian food products, like soy burgers, hot dogs, etc.
If you’re an athlete, active, or engaging in fitness training it may be a smart idea to supplement your diet with good quality vegetarian based proteins to make up for your demanding needs.

Vega, Sunwarrior, Garden of Life Raw Protein, PlantFusion, and Perfect Fit are some of my current favorites.I hope that answers some of your initial questions about plant-based protein. I was considering trying out a vegetarian diet for a week or so just to see how I feel with it, but I felt overwhelmed by having to plan out all my meals in a way that adhered to the recommended food combinations to get complete protein.

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