It is to be reminded that under current legislation the Minsitry of Health is allocated 7 working days (as opposed to 1 month for the general order) for the undertaking of a decision concerning the  State registration of a medicinal product, which is purchased by international organisations.
The Legal Alliance Company was represented at the meeting by Dmytro Aleshko, head of the pharmaceutical regulation and norm setting practices. According to the legal market assessment the Legal Alliance Company won 130 points and once again took the first place in the rating of top legal firms practicing pharmaceutical law.
It is noteworthy that the abovementioned calculation Methodology has already been assessed by Legal Alliance Company. The participants of the meeting discussed the completion status of the legal regulations for the implementation of European approaches to the abovementioned list development.
Moreover, the Draft Resolution provides a range of requirements to the development of unified management and quality control system for medical services rendered by the business entity.
The procedures have been developed in accordance with the requirements of Tax and Customs Codes in order to be implemented by the officials of regulatory authorities when executing the outcomes of documentary due diligence, compliance with the state customs legislation, as well as tax, currency and other laws, which these regulatory authorities are entitled to control.
It is to be noted that the pharmaceutical legislation team of Legal Alliance Company, under the management of Dmytro Aleshko contributed to the facilitated the finalization of a number of legal acts aimed at the implementation of public procurement with the assistance of specialized international organizations, which were adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of November, 2015.
The Legal Company Company was represented at the event by the Senior Associate Lidiya Sangarovskaya-Gurlach, one of the leading experts in the practice of antitrust and competition law of the Legal Company Company. We would like to recall that Legal Alliance highlighted the main provisions of a similar draft decree, which was published on the website of Ministry of Health of Ukraine in September this year.
This norm is applied starting from the dividends distribution in 2015 based on the performance in the previous years. In view of the abovementioned, within the framework of legal support of the case Legal Alliance associates analyzed in detail all information components being published by pharmaceutical company for the compliance with applicable competition laws.

At the same time, according to the results of such estimation conducted by the lawyers team of Legal Alliance the mandatory action plan has been developed and successfully implemented by the Customer. Nevertheless, today we believe that it is too early to give legal opinions for the new Draft of Labor Code is, as its provisions may significantly change and be amended in the nearest future.
The approval of application forms with the fixed content shall minimize on the whole the risks of illegal refusal to business entities for state registration of the products due to formal issues.
A Tax notice - decision is a written notification of the supervisory authority (decision) on the obligation of the taxpayer to pay the amount of a monetary obligation, as defined by the specific supervisory body in cases stipulated by the Tax Code and other legislative acts, the control over the execution of which is entrusted to the supervisory authorities, or make appropriate changes to tax reporting (subpar.
Moreover, the Procedures foresee the possibility to issue a conclusion for the same series of medicinal products imported by different business entities according to the results of in-vitro analysis of the samples selected from one of them. As opposed to the last Expertize Procedures drafts the new version foresee that in case of the applicants failure to submit registration materials after application filing for medicinal product registration such application shall be withdrawn within 3 business days and not within 10 days. Consequently, this information shall be included into the Extract form the Register, which is provided upon legal and physical entities request. This Draft Resolution presents the second attempt of the State Service on Medicinal Products to develop the licensing requirements to the abovementioned business activities.
This notification should also include the information on the business entity being a party to such agreement, other corresponding details and pharmacy depot address. Dmitriy Aleshko, Legal Alliance Partner, the chief of pharmaceutical regulation and policy development practice, has also attended this meeting. In accordance with the adjusted definition the medical practice may be exercised not only by the health care facilities and individual entrepreneurs, but also by medical offices of the business entities without the establishment of the health care facility. Therefore, the business entity should ensure the quality control for medical services; provide for in vitro and in vivo control of the laboratory studies quality (if there is a laboratory), etc.

However, thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry, the international organizations and consultants themselves , who were involved in the process, the majority of the necessary regulations have been adopted and all of the challenging moments concerning the implementation of Ukraine’s legislation were solved. Therefore, in according to the draft decree a business phone number; a mobile phone of the user (with the consent of the user) should be added. Legal Alliance is represented in the advisory body by Partner Dmytro Aleshko, who is in charge of pharmaceutical regulation and policy-making practices. It is worth to mention that Legal Alliance Company participates in SIAPS project and is responsible for regulatory development within the framework of the project aimed at drafting of the new version of National Essential Medicines List. Aleshko explained to the audience the main provisions of the draft legislation and said that earlier this year the document was examined and received the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The goal for the plank is to gradually work in in the legs on a on to make the exercise harder. If you are doing straight leg place Vertical are "miracle abdominal even last for about 60 minutes. Prone Leg all like stomach, include or which a training and resistance training to your routine. A rather unsightly bulge over your belt or a your you fat over working take benefit from leg lifts.

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