For many of us, we equate meditation with that great sculpture The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. Meditation is not a cloistered life in a monastery or the adoption of a life of reflection and silence (as good as that may be). I praise God Almighty for His divine Word that reaches us always through BGEA’s ministry.
You can be sure that God wants to lead you, guide you, and give you the answers to your questions at just the right time. As we read the Bible daily, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse, God will make a certain Bible verse stand out more than the rest. The Holy Spirit inside of you will bear witness that God’s answer to your question is in that Bible verse. Other ways that God may answer you is through other people, or He may speak to you through a persistent inner voice (e.g.
The important thing is that you be open to God speaking to you and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. It can take a long time for God’s will in your life to come to pass because He is shaping you and molding you everyday. You should encourage others and help them reach their God-given destinies while you’re waiting.

I want to motivate and encourage others to be the best Christians they can be, to inform them about Christ's love and salvation, to assist in strengthening their faith, and to push them to their next best level in their walk with God.
It truly is a blessing to write these blog posts and have God’s Word delivered and stamped on the hearts of many. Meditation then is a learned skill to focus and concentrate on reading, studying and reflecting on Scripture.
I believe that God will speak to you through that persistent inner voice (the Holy Spirit that resides in you) when you are helping too much. Because of Prayer and scripture meditating reading Our God had an destiny in two peoples lives.
Notice that the one who is blessed (verse 2) his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. You see, many of us read the Scriptures, but what we don’t do is meditate, and it is meditation that actually brings about the transformation.
I get that, but the fact is that if we begin our day in meditation, those words and those ideas of God’s Word will stay with us for the rest of the day.
Its leaf does not wither and whatever he does he prospers.So a person who is in the Word of God is, first of all, planted in a place where his roots can go to the water.
And that can only happen if you are in the Word of God, and if you are with the people of God, so that you are planted beside the stream, and your roots are deep enough to get the water.

What we have to do is to even depend upon others because it is their knowledge of the Word of God that gives us the strength to face life even when drought comes.
If you want to be free so that your conscience is free, focus on the promises of God and the cleansing of God.
There’s a promise here that if we meditate in the law of God day and night, the promise is very clear that whatever we do shall prosper. Every verse except three speak about the power of the Word of God in the life of a believer who meditates day and night.So I encourage you to take up this challenge of meditation in the Scriptures. No matter where you are you can meditate on the Word of God.Rebecca and I know a man who was in ministry whose wife died of cancer. What you must do and what I must do is to make sure that we meditate in the Law of God, and then the promise is here. And then later on He inspired New Testament writers to continue the Word of God, which was given in the Old Testament. And we pray, Father, that You might make us faithful in Your Word, and help us, Lord, to be content with where we are, and even the legacy that we leave because the Word of God has been hidden in our hearts.

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