Through meditation and journaling, I’ve become less concerned about my weight, and instead am focusing on accepting my life in its present moment, and relishing my health for what it is.
It’s an ongoing journey, but the more I delve into meditation, the more I feel it to be a necessity- your experiences so far are just beautiful. I think that the most common misconception about meditation is that the goal is to still your mind or something like that. My end-of-yoga meditations are teaching me a bit about myself and my style of blissing-out.

I’ve been working with a health coach for the past few months and over the past few weeks gained the courage to let go of my ambitious diet and exercise plans, take up meditation, slow down, quit my bootcamp and join a yoga studio full time. I learned it mostly from mindfulness books, but I also visited a local Buddhist center’s meditation classes for a few times. The only problem is, it’s so hard to just focus on meditation and clearing the mind and I think that requires practice. Last week for the first time I sat (rather than lay down) to listen to the 30min meditation and was impacted in the same way I was the first time.

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