Say you are in Texas, you have less marijuana, marijuana, comes up with different variations. John James Audubon, a godfather of today’s conservation movement, is the subject of a new documentary coming to Bloomington in a special one-night event Thursday.
At the Lilly Library, pages are turned regularly to protect the volumes and display different birds.
Lars Karlsson, a small wooden Viking, is dedicated to learning about all the different programs IU Bloomington has to offer, according to his owner, Kristin Leaman. Leaman said some of Lars’ biggest fans are in the Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance.

Leaman said she enjoys running Lars’ social media so his experiences can be shared with a mass audience. Leaman said Lars has increased his fan base as he’s traveled around to more events on campus.
After a short acceptance speech, Gealt treated the attendees to a tour of the gallery, where she told stories about some of her favorite works of art.
In the film, Anny Ondra played a London woman whose date goes terribly wrong with a fight, a flirtation, an attempted rape and a murder that leads to her being blackmailed. In 2010, as the winner of the special prize for the best interpretation of a contemporary piece at the Cervo Music Competition, he was invited to play a concert at the Chamber Music Festival in Cervo, Italy.

As a critic and translator, Warren has spent a great deal of time absorbing the writings of poets who worked in other languages. Black Laboratory of Archaeology to specimens from the Herbarium, a collection of 140,000 vascular plants.
The species, however, was relentlessly harvested for cheap meat until the last recorded passenger pigeons perished around 1915.

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