The Document & Analyze phase involves conducting a process discovery in order to accurately capture current state.
Uncovering pertinent process information leads to understanding why a process exists and what customers and needs it serves. A RACI matrix is a representation of the key activities and decision making authorities occurring in a process, set against all the people or key roles performing the process.
The purpose of this document is to summarize the process discovery and analysis findings realized in the early phases of the effort. Process Improvement Consultants create various types of models to visualize and document a process. The ITS Process Improvement Methodology recommends specific models as appropriate to your particular project.
A powerful, high-level tool used to identify elements of a process that are relevant to an improvement project (Supplier, Inputs, Process, Output, and Customer). This common style of flow chart contains lanes to illustrate who or what is working on a particular subset of a process. BPMN tools are used to document processes in detail and are often used for Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Business Architecture purposes. The VSM provides insight into identifying problems and a baseline for prioritizing improvements.

Any existing materials related to a process - organization charts, flow diagrams, procedure manuals, training materials, vendor documentation, metrics and measurement reports, and so on - contain valuable information that contribute to an analyst's understanding of a process. Meet with SMEs to verify that a correct understanding and full capture of the current process has been obtained. Present findings as appropriate to discuss how the existing process really operates, the business costs of conducting the as-is process, and whether the current state is in line with the original goals and objectives of the process. This document contains specific questions that you can ask to get to the root of process issues and obtain information to target for further analysis. There are many tools and calculations that you can use to analyze, redesign, and implement a process. A good process to identify warning flags includes setting aside a time in which the whole BR&E team can assess surveys together and discuss appropriate follow up. These findings become a starting point for identifying improvement opportunities and making recommendations.
Modeling provides a way to communicate a process to both business and IT professionals and provides insight into process improvement opportunities. See the Process Discovery Progression Quick Reference to understand the logical, hierarchical flow of the following model diagrams for purposes of process discovery and to see examples.
The SIPOC is a valuable mapping instrument for initially scoping what needs to be analyzed and can sometimes be used to identify quick improvements.

It dissects a process and rebuilds it in a way that visually illustrates the process flow as seen through a lens of Lean concepts. Each process analysis effort requires decisions about the measures, process, storage, analysis, reporting and feedback. Instead, the BR&E team should put in place a process that allows businesses and other interested parties to review business survey findings and develop strategies that address issues common to many businesses in the business district. Process models are used and updated throughout a process improvement project, as well as duirng periodic reviews throughout the lifecycle of a process.
It uses particular icons and measures to reveal where process value does and does not exist in ultimately serving the customer. Use this reference as a tool for process discovery to help diagnose problems and ways in which they can be addressed.
In this case, the individual is targeting a job with more responsibilities, so keywords and skills such as Supervision, Scheduling, Time Management, Process Improvement, and Compliance are mentioned. The process must allow participants time to learn about the business survey findings, brainstorm ideas, and prioritize and choose strategies.

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