It seems the Rational Decision-Maker in the procrastinator’s brain is coexisting with a pet—the Instant Gratification Monkey.
This would be fine—cute, even—if the Rational Decision-Maker knew the first thing about how to own a monkey. The fact is, the Instant Gratification Monkey is the last creature who should be in charge of decisions—he thinks only about the present, ignoring lessons from the past and disregarding the future altogether, and he concerns himself entirely with maximizing the ease and pleasure of the current moment. And these are the lucky procrastinators—there are some who don’t even respond to the Panic Monster, and in the most desperate moments they end up running up the tree with the monkey, entering a state of self-annihilating shutdown.

A religion for the nonreligious. An even deeper look at the deal with the monkey and the other animals in your brain. Maybe an exploration in the psychology of what caused the monkey to appear in the first place would be in order.
The problem for the procrastinator is that he happens to live in the human world, making the Instant Gratification Monkey a highly unqualified navigator. Maybe some people can throw the monkey over board when they find the reason how he made it there.

Again, my monkey jumped on board when I landed in elite-university harbor with my little fishing boat between all the sailing frigates. It would be so much better just to get the darn work done and then go to the real playground without the monkey.

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