Self-study in teacher education is a growing field and a natural progression from the concept of reflective practice for pre-service teachers. Buy Improving Teacher Education Practice Through Self-Study book by John Loughran from Australia's Online Bookstore, Boomerang Books. Your self-esteem is not only how you feel about yourself in the present, it is how you asses yourself fundamentally through out the long term.
Arguing with your inner voice will go along way towards improving your self-esteem, start now!
This book is designed to introduce teacher educators to the theory and practice of self-study, in order to explore, understand and improve their teaching about teaching. This book examines enacting educational and pedagogical values in personal practice and developing the interpersonal relationships that are so useful to quality teaching and learning. You can use your Boomerang Bucks as a credit towards a future purchase from Boomerang Books.

With studies from an international range of contributors, this book illustrates a variety of approaches to self-study. I am not a doctor nor am I an expert, but I have read a lot of self help books to improve my own self-esteem, and I believe that high self esteem is a huge factor in leading a happy life. Healthy self-esteem will have been built from praise, respect and stable influences while growing up. For us with poor self-esteem the inner voice criticizes, puts us down and stands in our way! And lets face it most days are uneventful and dull, so when you have low self esteem staying high can be a struggle!
People who were yelled at, regularly criticized, abused, given no positive attention, bullied etc, will have found it difficult to develop a healthy self-esteem. This book will be of interest to all teacher educators wishing to improve their knowledge and practice.

A good healthy self-esteem is based on accepting yourself for who you are – know who you are, and be content, like yourself! A well composed and self-possessed person will listen to criticism without interrupting and then respond.
Liking those around you and knowing that they feel the same about you is a huge boost to ones self-esteem! Be sure to give criticism at appropriate times, people with poor self-esteem often find it harder to give than to take. Ask them to be your release valve when you feel low or frustrated – by just listening when your letting off steam, this can be a huge help in improving self-esteem.

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