The only problem with it is because this kind of vegan food is relatively high in fat you will probably not notice any noticeable weight loss effects or feel unnaturally amazing or different in any way.
Option 4 is to go totally RAW VEGAN or fruitarian which will give you superpowers but I don’t recommend going all in without practicing eating a lot of fruit on raw till 4 first.
Also, during the week, if you want to you can read some amazing books about veganism that will cement the whole ethical thing on a deep level.
Warning: You will really have to push yourself at first to eat more fruit, but it will be worth it. You probably won’t want to eat any more fruit, but this is the fruit that is really gonna make the difference.

Eat as much as you want for dinner and enjoy never thinking about calories or dieting again.
There are tons of awesome vegan food dishes in the grocery stores and vegan restaurants and desserts to check out. When I started doing this form of veganism, my incurable cramps disappeared after only two weeks. If they decided to stay vegan after their trial, maybe the world would quickly go vegan too! In fact I had just been thinking minutes earlier in our texting how fun it would be if she got into fruitarianism and veganism too.

Basically in this diet, you eat only fruit for breakfast AND lunch, and for dinner you make a starch based low fat vegan meal, like the things I mentioned above. You will probably get full really quickly, so bring a lot more than you think you will want for later cause you will also get hungry really quickly.
The tricky thing about that is, when you get hungry you will get cravings for non vegan food, like cheese.

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