Keep your mobile office essentials, like business cards, notepaper and mobile chargers, organized by stashing a collapsible shopping bin in your trunk or backseat. Chances are you suffering from stuff overload and now is the time to get it under control and organized! If you need additional seating for pulling on winter boots, look for a leather or vinyl storage bench.
If you absolutely need desktop storage, look for a letter sorting station with slots for smaller items, such as stationary and stamps, and a taller slot for managing receipts and bills. The number of organized Festival activities we have will depend on everyone's willingness to volunteer! You have the opportunity and responsibility to lead and organize activities with maximum flexibility on your part to make the activity happen and a success.

We are here to help each other grow! Teenagers also have an important role at the Festival; so we have included you in the Volunteer list to encourage you to participate and gain the interpersonal skills and experience by serving and working with other adults and age groups. If you can help, but are not familiar with the equipment, we can show you how it’s done!  Helping out with the song services and the PowerPoint® Presentations are a couple of  the other responsibilities. Your extra hands will surely help make this go fast! Children’s Activities. We hope to have various classes for the children. Lots of them!  We need an organizer to coordinate finding a free location of these plant materials and organizing the people to cut them, bringing them to the festival site, setting up a few tables for each branch, providing string to tie them together, buy lemons, (we will reimburse you) and bring two large shallow steel or plastic containers to store them in water after the lulavs are made. We need people with smiles on their face and their heart to help at the Registration Table. We need men to insure the safety and security of the camp at night; for example, fire safety if there are fire conditions (because of drought), medical emergencies, helping others set up tents (when needed), advising others of camp rules, and to facilitate the cooperation of others.

Men are needed to assist in directing people to open seats during congregational services and assisting those in need of physical or other assistance. Web Site Design.
The number of organized Festival activities we have will depend on everyone's willingness to volunteer!

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