I am Julie Rice, I specialise in creating empowerment and using hypnotherapy for confidence building. By harnessing the power of advanced hypnotherapy and NLP you will reach the top of your profession, achieve greatness in your sport, increase your self esteem, socialise confidently without anxiety or simply feel good in yourself. Through counselling and hypnotherapy you will discover the root cause of any emotional or self esteem issues, I will use appropriate techniques, to enable you to reach your goal, be it confidence, self esteem related or both. A few sessions with Julie helped me to quickly regain my confidence and assist me in achieving a much greater sense of fulfillment.

Whatever the cause of these unhappy feelings I can help you, when you are confident you generate a positive energy that radiates.
Your interest may be in how to project yourself with confidence at a big work meeting, or maybe to feel more comfortable when socialising, perhaps you are shy and feel awkward in social settings. After three sessions with me you will be equipped to cope in any situation and be able to project yourself confidently. My Confidence and Motivation programs come complete with at least three sessions of counselling and hypnotherapy and an eBook and two powerful mind reprogramming mp3s.

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