Autosuggestion is the practice of “feeding” your subconscious mind with information which will help you to develop specific beliefs. If you make the affirmations which you’re writing, listening to or speaking consistent with goals you want to achieve or with personality traits which you want to develop, your subconscious mind will go to work and start attracting all the resources and opportunities needed to make those affirmations a reality.
Autoinquisition is similar to autosuggestion, except you’re asking questions of your subconscious mind instead of feeding it with information.
Many motivational experts such as Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Deepak Chopra also suggest that the subconscious mind has access to information which a person might have never been exposed to. The moment he would start to doze off, his hand would relax and the balls would clang into the metal bowl, waking him up.
To practice visualization, you can start with simple shapes like squares and circles, then move on to picture more complex shapes such as letters, then to words and finally full experiences.
Musical therapists have found that listening to the music of artists like Mozart, Bach, Handel and Beethoven can awaken one’s higher brain functions, boost their capacity for intellectual thought and increase their intuition and creative imagination. An experiment published in Nature also suggested that listening to classical music, especially the music of Wolfgang Mozart, increased children’s scores on IQ tests. Evening Session: write 5 daily affirmations and speak them out loud while looking in the mirror. The most powerful part of the human being is the mind and to be more specific, the subconscious mind. One of the fact about human mind is they tend to run in the negative mode and this is caused by two major factors.  First, the thinking of the mass that tends to fall into negative.
Most people activate the magnetic power of their mind unconsciously, which in a more exact term, they do not do it consciously.
The most powerful tools to activate the power of the subconsciously is visualization and thinking with concentration, desire and faith.
The greatest benefit of all is you will now become to think constructively and positively in the future and making you a success magnet without even you noticing it.
Copyright © 2014 Tattoo Design Bild, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Zox Pro Training System is a total whole brain mind program which was originally created by the father of Mental Photography, Dr Richard Welch (PhD). If you have been reading books and materials on boasting your memory in particular and expanding your mind power in general but fail to achieve the result that you have wanted, perhaps Zox Pro could be the answer. Harnessing The Secret Power of your Mind -this training lets you to tap into the secret mind power that you already possess and help you to attain the greatest results out of it.
Concentration – By using Zox Pro Training System, you could train your mind to lock into something that you are focusing without being interrupted easily. First and foremost, human minds are made up of two virtual parts: the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious is powerful but please take note that it is not in the sense that the subconscious is better or greater than the conscious.
The conscious mind is the part or level of your mind which are reading this article; the state where you have your full awareness. On the other hand, the subconscious is the part of your mind that does not possess the ability of reasoning because it could never think.
If it is any, it is the fault of the way that we organize things in our memory that make this system inefficient. As mentioned earlier, one of the most important facts about the subconscious is its inability to differentiate between the good and bad, truth and false.
For that, it is very important that you always watch out for your thoughts because if you don’t, negativity that offered by the mass or media will easily gain access to your mind. Negativity is constant and it is your job to stand guard at the magical door of your mind because if you don’t, they will creep in and sabotage you and which you then call it fate.
Your thought power is pretty amazing because you can literally think things into existence, into your reality right now. The sciences of quantum physics has already proven that the core of everything is energy, including our thoughts. What you desire, you already have it, the universe is an unformed probability of existence. The universe as the field of probability always responding to our thoughts, be it good or bad. As have been said, one of the things that we could do to have total control over our lives is through learning to control the mind.
Although many scientific researches have been conducted to investigate the mind, yet there is very little that ever discovered. In order to fully understand the workings of the mind and consciousness, a more complicated science known as quantum mechanics must be brought into discussion. Quantum Mind Power is a new method in brainwave entrainment technology that helps eliminate emotional problems, particular stress and anxiety. The Morry Method works in such way where it controls the different states of the brains with the different beats and base tones that technologically embed in the entrainment recordings. Quantum Mind Power with the Morry Method is a revolutionary brainwave entrainment audio system that provides a much better results (according to feed backs from previous users). The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion nerve cells called neurons which communicate with each other twenty-four hours a day using electrical signals. The presence of these electrical discharges indicates the different states, particular your mental state at a certain time.
Brainwave patterns can be categorized into four main groups according to the frequency (Hz) range that they are in.
We spend some amount of time in each brain state everyday; it is part of life cycle and most likely the state changes according to the activity that we are engaged in. If you have glanced through the list above carefully, you would have noticed that each brain state plays a different role in maintaining life’s vitality such as relaxation and self-relief, accelerated learning, accessing the unconscious and etc.
For example; by inducing your brain into alpha, you can reprogram your subconscious with new beliefs that serve you and drop those that limit you.
Besides, by tapping into the power of the various state of consciousness, you could easily replicate the mind of a genius; think about Einsteins or Mozarts.
Entrainment is actually a physics term that coined by Christian Huygens in 1665 to describe the phenomena of cyclical energies recalibrating to fall into rhythm with one another. For example, if a tuning fork which produces a frequency of 350 Hz is struck and then brought into the vicinity of another 350 Hz tuning fork, the second fork will begin to vibrate as well. Entrainment has demonstrated that even very subtle cyclical energies have a substantive impart on their neighboring cyclical energies. After numerous of extensive researches and experiments, scientists and neurologists have found that this same phenomenon could also be applied in training the brain, (by using exactly the same principle that Christian Huygens discovered).
Brainwave entrainment is defined as any practice with the purpose of causing the brainwave frequency to fall into the same beats of the external periodic stimulus, which is having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce sleep or relaxation). First, stimulus is introduced to the brain, whether through the ears, eyes or other senses.
Quantum Physics is the study of the building blocks of the universe; the science that explains how everything in the world comes into existence. It could be said that the entire physical world that you are in including yourself is made up of nothing but energy that vibrating at different frequencies. If you cannot buy into the above idea, let us look at Albert Einstein’ famous equation, E = MC2.
If you know that quantum mind power is real, then you must have an answer to my doubts, unless I bend reality and here you say “Congrats!
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You see, from where you are right now, you just don’t have the understanding of how to break free from the limiting beliefs, patterns, and thoughts in your life.
It’s not the mountain that keeps us from our goal; it’s our belief in what’s on the other side.
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We bring some of the best local and international speakers to our New Zealand guests with events held throughout the year. Rock Your Life Events provides speakers with all the services they require to bring their message to New Zealand, right through to providing the crew for the event to ensure everything runs smoothly and professionally. Hypnosis specialists have found that a person’s subconscious mind contains information which a person’s conscious mind might have long forgotten. This allowed Edison to remain suspended between the sleeping and the dreaming state where he would have access to information in his subconscious mind. Visualization is similar to autosuggestion in that you’re feeding your subconscious mind with the images which you visualize.
For best results, visualize yourself having achieved one of your goals such as owning a specific car or house or being in the kind of relationship you want.
This incredible report can change your life by helping you to unlock your true hidden potential! Your mind or consciousness is made up of the thoughts that you think and to be more accurate, thoughts that you always entertain. The magnet draws to itself with everything that made of iron, does not matter if it is a useful object or junk. For example, if you do not believe that you can achieve something, then you are actually repelling. Your conscious thoughts have now become your unconscious thinking because the subconscious has learned the new thinking pattern. One of the brain training programs which could help you to achieve that is the Zox Pro Training System. Dr Welch has spent more than 30 years of research into the function of the brains before he successfully created this brain training. Zox Pro Training System is a step by step online training program that will guide you step by step in boasting your brain power. With such, you will be able to access on how to learn new things at the speed of light by just using natural learning process known as the Mental Photograph. The way it reprograms your mind can set your already built in autopilot on course of achieving anything that you want in life. The system consists of training manuals and videos which will guide you by the hand from the beginning until to end.
So subconscious is the mind that operates below the level of your normal consciousness.  Unconscious is sometimes used to substitute the word subconscious. Subconscious and conscious are both great tools only when we know how to use them wisely and correctly. Although the subconscious does not have the ability to think and reason, it inevitably plays an important role in maintaining human’s vitality.
Everything that you have seen, heard, touched, smelt or even experienced are stored in the subconscious (with an unlimited of storage capacity).
Whatever you have impressed upon your subconscious will have a corresponding effect later on in your life.
It is even bad if those negativities are offered by you especially during the time when you are not consciously aware of your own thinking. So when you exert power over your thoughts, you are actually starting to create your reality deliberately. In another words, the state of being when you think about it or to be even more precise, it is the feeling that you have when you think that thought. For that, the secret of getting what you want or desire is allowing it to come into your life, so let it flows freely. They know that by having control over the mind, they would definitely be able to shape their destiny. Monks do this by chanting repetitive lines, members of the catholic train their minds by praying, and some perform physical exercises to calm and train the mind like yoga. The brain likes any other organ such as your liver or heart is the main control center of the body. Although both the mind and the brain are closely related, the mind is actually the software that the brain runs on in order to perform multiple actions that sustain your life. Quantum mind is a set of theories that explain how reality or creation in the physical world is formed.  It is also based on the studies of quantum physics, which explains how everything in the universe comes into place.
However, I think that is not necessary for our basic discussion here and I must admit that, I’m no authority when dealing with this stuff.
It basically brings your consciousness to the next level and deals with the root of the problem there, which is always seated in your subconscious mind. By the way, it also uses the technology of isochronic and monaural which is the most advanced at least now in the brainwave entrainment industry. For example, you can go into the alpha state if you want to deals with your subconscious programming errors.
The system consists of powerful recordings that train your brain to fall into the desired state and which, with enough practice, you will be able to do that without even listening to it. Instead, it works more as a mental fitness program that trains your muscle mind to be stronger and greater.
The combination of millions of these neurons sending electrical signals at once produces an enormous of electrical activity in the brain and these electrical discharges can be detected by using EEG technology (Electroencephalography). However, these patterns are not random; they are closely correlated with your emotions, your thoughts, your state of being, and every function of the various systems of your body.
Christian observed that when two different bodies that vibrate at different rates are brought together, they would tend to lock into phase and vibrate in harmony. Well, it has and this profound study is not only about the power of your mind, it is about everything: you, me, the cat and even the entire universe.
Back to the school in Physics 101 class, we were taught that every solid object is made up of molecules and molecules in turn are made up of atoms.
What makes the difference between you and me or the chair is the difference frequency that each of us are vibrating.
Energy (E) equals to Mass (M) times the Speed of Light (C) squared.  This equation simply tells us that both energy and matter (mass) refers to the same thing only in different forms, energy equals to mass.
The most astounding fact about this is an atom has no wavelike properties and a wave has no particle-like properties. In other words, the scientists had predetermined the result of the experiment through their participation in choosing the equipment of measurement.
The world according to the Lord Buddha is just a concept but I guess that’s pretty hard to grasp particular for laymen like me.
I realize that these scientific secrets need to be shown to the public in a NEW great movie. The Western World is finally uncovering the facts that the Ancients knew for thousands of years. Though this may not, in and of itself, detract from the truth of your message – it does, in effect, detract from both the readability and perceived validity of your sitea€¦ making it appear a€?amateurisha€?. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase.
So, you can’t just see what you can’t see… And the darnedest thing about it is: It’s what you can’t see that’s holding you back. We focus on offering events that assist guests with identifying their purpose, their unique ability, their fast track to a healthy mind and body, improved wealth, business and success.
However, visualization takes a lot more effort and concentration than autosuggestion because you’re literally using your imagination to create “synthetic experiences” including: smells, sensations, sounds, colors and full images. If you have the recording tools, add your own voiceover of your affirmations to the piano music. Take a look of the people around you; there are people who are successful while there are also people who are not.
Every thought is an energy that released by your mind and the more you think about it, the stronger the magnetic currents that it possess. However, that does not mean that every thought that runs in your mind will materialize in your reality. But as soon as you learn the rules, you will be able to activate the magnetic power of your mind consciously, positively and effectively.
Your thoughts will get radiated and broadcasted thus, influencing the minds of other and attracting to you people who think along the same lines as you do. The attraction power that your mind possesses is a universal power that manifests everywhere and in everything. It is a brain training program that helps you to access the hidden talents and abilities which you were born with; it unlocks your build-in photographic memory and lets you unleash the genius inside you. This training system is totally designed in such a way that you will learn on how to achieve and get the things that you want out of life easily and effectively.
It lets you to consume information at about hundred times faster than the usual reading speed. With this, you could retain great number of information for the rest of your life, they won’t loss once get stored in your subconscious mind. So if you believe that you are going to get the sufficient benefit from such a comprehensive training, you will definitely feel comfortable to invest into it. Both subconscious and conscious play different roles in sustaining our lives and which also mean they both compliment each other. It thinks in a logical way and thus, it possesses the ability of reasoning and very often, the solutions that come up by the conscious mind are always to serve to our best, at least in its own perception.

Subconscious is the mind that controls the blood circulating system, the digestion system, the breathing mechanism, cells rejuvenation, liver functions and every other life sustaining system that you can name. Knowing how to use this tool is great because it could really boast up your memory and speed up your learning process.
Thoughts and beliefs are held in the subconscious (as the role of memory storehouse) and these things are what you made of; they become the master guide for your subconscious to follow.
At this moment, every thought that you produce will bypass the conscious and access into your subconscious easily. Sciences and ancient religions has proven that everything starts from the mind even the universe that we are currently in. By training the mind, we can set a specific goals or targets so that we could achieve what we want.
All these methods have one thing in common whereas they try to lead the mind to focus on one thing and thus minimizing the activities that running on it. One thing that most people fail to notice is that our mind powers are being mostly being employed to serve the inner part of the brain. The best thing about this is people without meditation background or is a novice in the practice of meditation has found out that it works without much effort. At the higher end of beta, at around 38 Hz – 70 Hz, the brain will fall into the Gamma.
Maintaining awareness during theta could enable one to access to the unconscious and super-conscious mind (exp.
They either do not know how to do it or not knowing that beliefs are held in the subconscious, and again, which could be done in alpha; the path that connects the conscious to the subconscious.
This electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what an individual sees and hears.
So that means your hand or the chair that you are sitting on now is made up of atoms which are so small that cannot be seen with your naked eyes. Everything that’s visible in the entire universe is a manifestation of the energy and information. The subatomic particles became whatever they were trying to measure and thus, the reality was shaped by them! The world is not actually out there, it is inside you and you choose your world by simply seeing the world the way you see it in your mind, just like the scientists trying to measure the properties of subatomic particles. I want to know a simple fact that how long does it take to come in reality and can a mass be taken to speed of light.
Thomas Edison practiced Autoinquisition by sitting in his favorite chair and dozing off while holding metal balls in his hand suspended over a metal bowl, all the while focusing on a question about a problem he was trying to solve. If you think positively about certain event or action, they will realize as according to what you have thought and if you harbor negative thoughts, the same too will happen. This is because most of the thoughts are weak (merely a daydream) and always a one- time runs. Secondly, the way that we are brought up, the conditioning and programming that we endured from the moment we are born up until now.
It attracts into your life positive and negative situations and event, according to the thoughts that you have thought about and not based on the things that you don’t want. With  this, you can now attract people, circumstances, events, possessions or a life style with the magnetic power of your subconscious mind.
Moreover, it also teaches how to fully activate the super conscious part of your brain and start thinking like a genius. You will be able to enhance the capability of your brain’s activity so that it could function more efficiently; in other words, your memory and reading ability could be increased. It starts with the introduction module, which closely followed by the module that teaches you how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and, which then followed by photographic memory training. The cost is nothing compares to the cost of motivational programs and seminars that you might have attended.
Whatever the conscious mind impress on it will be taken seriously whether it is right or wrong, good or bad.
It is strong in the sense that it could control everything simultaneously without the interference from the conscious mind. However, you still could trace back your old memory even if you haven’t employed this magnificent tool if you know how (we shall go into that later on). Your reality expands as you think along and it is shaped by the exact blueprint you have in mind.
When you appreciate something, you are actually activating the law of attraction by using it to create more instead of less. The mass programming is done in such a way that we feel fear most of the time, and fear drives us into a state of blocking and resisting. The simplest form involves assuming a relaxed sitting or lying position and breathing deeply, slowly and rhythmically. So with the extreme power that the human brain possesses, it is undeniable truth that it controls the way we live our lives, totally. So when we talk about this we are heading into the energy world where everything is at possibility.
The strength of this cortical evoked response depends on the type and effectiveness of the stimulus, which is very important in gaining a significant result particular for the purpose of entraining the brain. Atoms which once considered as the smallest things ever existed are in turn made up of subatomic particles, which have no solidity at all. This phenomenon creates an illusion that makes us perceive thing as solid even though in reality they really aren’t.
Mind you, most of us are taught to think negatively and expect the worst (again influenced by the first factor). This processes also increasing your awareness and perceptiveness of any opportunity connected with your thought that comes along your way, and fills you with the inner power and initiative to utilize it. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. The main concept behind this mental gymnastics training is to turn every text into pictures, as pictures are more readily and easily recalled by the brain. Since this is a brain power boasting course, emphasizes are given on the later part where five modules are specifically created just for the photographic memory training. Moreover, the co-creator of this program, Shannon Panzo is confident that you will get the most out of Zox Pro and thus, you are given no question asked 60 days money guarantee back. The brain like your liver and heart is just an organ that performs numerous vital activities in sustaining your life. For that, we could not prefer one than the other; they are just two different kind of minds that possess different strengths and usage.
They just make no difference to the subconscious; everything looks the same and it is its job to execute them.
The mind holds the key of influences over every aspect of our lives and thus, it serves as the commander of our human psychology and physiology. Attention is directed only at the breathing movements of the diaphragm and all other thoughts and feelings are gently blocked from consciousness.
The studies of metaphysics always stresses that the universe is created by the function of the mind and without the mind, the world ceases. Even if in your mind, you see him live at your side for the rest of eternity (implying that eternity is a concept of non-existing time), in his mind, his reality, he sees you as an old guy until he dies in his mind. By the way, our mind works and thinks with picture; it store memory in picture even if what you have seen is text. The matter of the fact is every living human being is constantly in the state of manifestation but most of them never realize this.
It’s simply because the unconscious working of your mind is acting from the negative point of view. It is through the mind desire to react that we tend to react or perhaps response to things around us. In some forms of meditation, the individual repeats a sound or word silently to himself or herself. If that is true, learning to control or use your brain power is the key that opens up to all possibilities and live your life the way you have always dreamed of. So your hand or the chair that you are sitting in is nothing but energy and information.  And at this level, welcome to the quantum world, where everything is at possibility. Can you imagine if we all had the same words for things but everything was completely different. Wanting is lack and it shows that you are worried about your current situation and the energy that you sent out is actually carrying the same kind of negative message.
The colors we see, the textures, the smells, the taste; we would never know cause we all have the same words to explain things. Well what if our minds had planets and stars and the time in our life where that traumatizing thing happened was the energy we see today in our univers or a galaxy and as it orbits back to what we consider the front of our minds making us remember it, it causes stress and back pains.

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